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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

MUST WATCH: US Vice President Mike Pence’s Epic Response to Disruption by Arab MKs

As US Vice President Mike Pence began to address the Israeli Knesset today, he was briefly disrupted by Israeli Arab Knesset members. Check out his response

Israel’s Clown Prince Oren Hazan’s Latest Faux Pas

Israeli Politician Oren Hazan continues to be a national embarrassment

Beauty Industry Cannot Hide the Ugliness of Their Latest Muslim Role Models

Revlon and L’Oreal have both chosen Muslim women to be more "inclusive" and politically correct. Except guess who ends up being excluded and ostracized by these choices?

Antisemitism and The Lying Faculty at the University of Warwick

David Collier sheds light on some disturbing antisemitism

Blood Libel of the Day: Just a Bad Driver Edition

More chutzpah from Israel hate site Palestinian Information Center

EXCLUSIVE: Shirley Temper’s Mother Actually Instructed Her to Cause Trouble with the Soldiers

What kind of mother would treat their child like this? 

NZ BDS-Holes Behind WOMAD Boycott Campaign Are Real Pieces of Work

More on those calling for the boycott of Israeli Victoria Hanna

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