Haters Attack Stephen Marley For…Liking Jews or Something

Haters have gone after Stephen Marley, son of Bob Marley, for this poster of his latest tour

Stunning Statements on the Middle East Conflict Coming out of Europe

The winds are changing in Europe as well. At least in parts of it.

Ali Abunimah’s Antisemitism Shines Through (Again)

The Electronic Intifada founder lets down his guard

LISTEN: South African Radio and TV Personality Gareth Cliff Defends Israel

Last week, Gareth Cliff discussed the palestinian "march of return" and the resultant casualties from the riots. His comments are right on point.

Latest Palestinian “Cultural Appropriation”

While the palestinians and their supporters are constantly complaining that we appropriate elements of their culture, the opposite is true

Hatred of Israel Is In (Teen) Vogue Yet Again

By continuing to give airtime to these Israel haters - and not any Zionists - Teen Vogue has made their agenda very clear

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