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Saturday, July 23, 2016
James Caan

James Caan: “I’m Very Pro-Israel, And I Can’t Like Anybody Who Isn’t”

How refreshing that a Hollywood tough guy turns to be tough in real life - and a huge supporter of Israel

Anti-Israel Activists Are Not The First To Try To Coopt The African American Vote

Like most of what they do, this tactic is copied ... and you'll never guess from where
ranan steigervideo

WATCH: Jewish Boy Vs Westboro Baptist Church Bigots

A new young'in shows them who's boss

Follow The Money To Understand Why Milo Yiannopoulos Was Banned #FreeNero

By violating Leslie Jones' “safe space”, Milo directly threatens the chance Twitter can ever make money.

That’s A Hell Of A Bigoted Opinion You Got There Kerry

Remember that time when John Kerry made snide remarks about casualties caused by his own armed forces? No, me either.

AJ+ Has People Buzzing With Latest Propaganda Video

Those poor Gazans resorting to getting stung by bees because of those evil Jooooos!

James Caan In Israel

Hollywood actor James Caan has been spotted in Israel, doing Jewish things

WATCH: Tear Down This Monument To Evil #TearDownTheMonument

How can there be peace when they’re building monuments to terror. #TearDownTheMonument

Guest Post (Mahdi Satre): A Little Bit About Hamas

Proud Zionist Israeli-Arab Mahdi Satre has a message for Hamas
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