Anti-Israel Birthright Brat Elon Glickman Displays Embarrassing Ignorance

Now This has posted video of one of the anti-Israel birthright brats (Elon Glickman) complaining about a map they were given, because it did not mention the West Bank

WATCH: Sky News Messes Up Trying to Paint Israel as “Apartheid” State

In the wake of Israel's Nation-State bill, Sky News has been at the forefront of demonizing us.

Where Was The Outrage With The Palestinian Basic Law?

I do not recall there being any uproar over the Palestinian Basic Law. Go figure.
Israeli flag

Cutting Through the Hysteria Surrounding Israel’s Nation-State Law

The world is up in arms over Israel's new nation-state law, decrying this so-called inevitable march towards apartheid. But are they right?

The Kite Runner

The other side would have everyone believe these are harmless kids toys being launched by peaceful protesters

Senior Hamas Official Clarifies His Position on Jews

Senior Hamashole Fathi Hammad tells us how he really feels

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