Grace Chatto of Clean Bandit: BDS is “Terrible and Very Stupid”

Clean Bandit singer Grace Chatto was recently interviewed by Israel's Walla! News, and she had some very pointed things to say about BDS

Obama Wins 2nd Nobel Prize for Creating the Israeli-Saudi Alliance

The electrified crowd burst into applause when Mr. Obama strode into the room to accept his prize. "Please excuse my lateness, I was leading from behind...Then again, we are the one we've been waiting for."

Gareth Cliff on Shashi Naidoo: “You Are Watching Someone Give Up Any Dignity That...

I was curious to hear what Gareth thought about Shashi's capitulation to the Israel haters, and sure enough, he has weighed in on the issue, albeit before her infamous press conference with BDS South Africa

WATCH: Israeli “Mentalist” Wows Judges & Audience on America’s Got Talent 2018

Check out the audience reaction and number of positive comments compared to negative on this video - that may just be his real power!

Delicious! Israel Hater George Galloway Spotted Dining in Israeli Cafe

Pathological Israel hater George Galloway has been spotted dining in an Israeli cafe

Report: Hamas Paid Gazan to Blame Infant’s Death on Israel

Once again, the palestinians have been caught lying

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