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Saturday, November 25, 2017

How Old Are You Jibril Rajoub? Twelve?

The PFA Chairman, terror supporter, and former terrorist in boastful child mode

WATCH: Louis Farrakhan to Jews: I Am Like Your Jewish Mother

I guess the line between vile antisemite and great deadpan comedian is a lot finer than I thought.

N Is For You Know Nothing Nathan Lean

This is exactly what you’d expect from someone who’s written a book on Islamophobia.

Golbarg Bashi Did Not Think This Hashtag Through

Yet it seems strangely appropriate

Another of Linda Sarsour’s Old Tweets Comes Back to Haunt Her

The hypocrisy here is astounding

Google’s ‘Jew’ Problem

Google's latest has crossed into really antisemitic territory

When it Rains in Gaza, It Pours…Propaganda

Nope, Gaza's predicament is not because of the (non-existent) siege

Deconstructing From Balfour to Banksy: “From Balfour to Bigots”

Reader Jonathan Hoffman attended SOAS University London for a film, ‘From Balfour to Banksy: Visions and Divisions in Palestine’

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