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As promised, Debka have revealed the identity of the media celebrity who was a Mossad agent. It is none other than Ranan Lurie, the world famous Israeli cartoonist.

Hmm..perhaps the Egyptians have known his “secret” for a while?

But back to Debka and their exclusive interview with the alleged spymaster, which reveals absolutely nothing. Here is an extract:

Q. Did the Mossad bounce up the sale figures of your first book, published by Israelís Ministry of Defense, to make it a best seller and give your career as a caricaturist a flying boost?

A. I donít know.

Q. Did the Mossad buy the news magazine Tevel and make you editor in chief to build your reputation as a journalist?

A. I donít know.

Q. Did you serve in the Mossad?

A. No.

Q. Did you serve in the CIA?

A. No.

Q. If you had served in either of those intelligence agencies, would you admit it.

A. I donít suppose so.


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