RIP (Rantisi in Pieces)


As promised, more on the Tomahawk-induced incineration of Hamas leader Rant-easy.

Here are some random observations:

  • This is most definitely the right approach to take with Hamas, and will no doubt weaken them. In fact, there are already signs of a weakened resolve. For instance, they are now afraid to name Rant-easy’s successor. Furthermore, after the Yassin-eration, Hamas threatened Israel with the ominous “Sharon has opened the gates of hell.” Now, Rant-easy’s killing has prompted the rather meek “Israel will regret this. Revenge is coming” and the wordy “This blood will not be wasted. It is our fate in Hamas and it is our fate as Palestinians to die as martyrs. The battle will not weaken our determination or break our will.” They also threatened “100 revenge attacks”, which dare I say sounds considerably less harsh than anything hell can offer.

    Each killing of their leader may bring even lamer threats, like “Israel is in trouble now. We are going to tell on you” and “Sharon has poopy pants.”

  • After the Bush statement last week, I blogged the following:

    I will be more impressed when President Bush acts on his promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and abstains from condemning Israel next time we kill a terrorist leader.

    So far, so good, with the US only asking Israel to “exercise restraint,” and expressing some concerns over the timing. These concerns are to be expected, considering the current geopolitical climate regarding the US and the Arab states.

  • Shimon Peres has come out in support of the killing, saying that “Whoever deals with murder pays the price.” This is curious, since he opposed the Yassineration, stating that he would have “voted against for the following reasons: is this strike going to result in an increase or a decrease in terrorism? I think there’s a risk it will increase.” Using this logic, he should have also opposed this latest targeted killing (or as Ranaan Gissin said on Fox News last night, “targeted interception.”) Why the change?

    a) He is getting senile

    b) He already is senile

    c) He is cogniscent of the public support for these actions and fears that Sharon’s popularity is increasing in the wake of US approval of his disengagement plan.

  • Yossi Beilin is a fool:

    Chairman of Yahad Yossi Beilin:”The targeted assassinations policy is eating away the Israeli democracy. Sharon has yet to leave Gaza but he continues to leave Gaza in a pool of blood. He will turn the disengagement into a real nightmare”.

    This is coming from someone who thinks he can bypass the elected government of a democratic country to impose his will on the population. G-d help us if he ever succeeds.

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