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In examining the issue of blog crushes, David at Treppenwitz differentiates between the following two concepts:

Blog Envy ñ When a blogger views another blog with envy due to its high traffic, killer design, technical prowess, brilliant insights or some combination of thereof. At its worst, blog envy can sometimes result in poor blog-image, and even the inability to write (bloggerís block). At its best, it can inspire a writer to take his/her blog to the next level.

Blog Crush ñ When a reader begins to have frequent thoughts about what it would be like to meet and befriend one or more of his/her favorite bloggers/journalers. This can be accompanied by a growing loyalty to the bloggerís views, politics and even tastes. A fully developed blog crush can even result in an irrational desire to defend a blogger when a derogatory or rude comment is posted on their blog.

This has inspired me to explain a number of other blog-related concepts:

Blog Performance Anxiety – What a blogger experiences when the loading time of their blog is slow. Often occurs when the blogger uses copious amounts of third-party script on their page, the blog’s server is slow, or the blogger belongs to the Gravett Empire (j/k Gary). Blog performance anxiety is particularly acute when the blogger gets linked by an established blogger, but realizes that most visitors are not patient enough to wait for the page to load.

Premature Blogulation: When you finally have that scoop you were waiting for, and immediately blog about it, only to find out later that it was not true (usually after a reader emails the relevant Snopes link).

Blog Puberty – That period of a blog’s development when it experiences a major growth spurt in traffic, yet begins looking a bit awkward, due to the blogger tinkering around with the template after he/she realizes that they actually have readers.

Blog Nemesis – That other blogger with whom you have a real or imaginary intense rivalry. The blog nemesis is usually someone who began their blog around the same time as you began yours, has a similar amount of traffic as yours, writes about similar things as you do, and has not acknowledged your blog by linking to it.

Blog Standoff – A situation that occurs between you and another blogger, when you are both willing to link to each other’s blogs, but are waiting for the other party to initiate. Can drag on for years.

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