The Great Greek Hope

And in more Olympic news, here is a story that I just found, which fell through the cracks. Do you remember Sofia Sakorafa? She is the Greek javelin thrower who would rather be throwing molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers. A while back, she gained PLO Arab citizenship in a quest to compete for the non-entity of Palestine. Well, guess what..

A Greek javelin thrower cannot compete with the Palestinian Olympic team because she did not meet the qualifying standard, Athleticsí world governing board said Tuesday.

Sofia Sakorafa, a 48-year-old former javelin champion, stirred controversy when she became a Palestinian citizen this year and applied at the last minute for a berth on the Olympic team.

IAAF general secretary Istvan Gyulai told The Associated Press that he informed the Palestinians that Sakorafaís recent throws were well below the minimum standards.

Of course, the PLO Arab response was predictable.

Palestinian officials and Sakorafa called a news conference in which they criticized Olympic officials, calling the decision a pretext and questioning the officialsí motives.

The only word missing here is Zionist before pretext. And how is this for a quote?

“The invocation of a procedural discrepancy is due either to ignorance or expediency.” Sakorafa said.

Talk about trying to sound intelligent.

But suckerupper Sakorafa has pledged to continue supporting the PLO Arabs.

Later, she said on private Mega television: “This was a symbolic gesture to show my support for the Palestinian people … I will continue to support them.”

I am not sure whether this means that Egged bus drivers should be on the lookout for a Greek woman wearing a large coat in the middle of Summer.

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    I didn’t know there was such a thing as Palestinian citizenship. I thought there was no Palestinian state and they are all refugees. Then again, they have an Olympic national team…

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