For Your Viewing Pleasure: McShwarma Commercial

You may recollect how I mentioned the McShwarma advertisement a few days ago, which I thought was a classic. Well, since my post, other Israeli bloggers have also expressed their admiration for it. Shai has gone one step further, providing the following links for your viewing pleasure:

- Here to watch it

- Here to download

Notice how spot-on the actors are, as well as how far off I was with the dialogue.

Update: For those not familar with Israel, the reason that the punchline in this commercial is so funny is that Israelis are not known for their “politeness” (although Israelis have hearts of gold). The commercial is thus a clever commentary on Israeli society.

Update (4/8/2007): Seems the above links no longer work. Not to worry:

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  • D.F. Moore

    I’m lovin’ it

    Today is the first day of the new semester here at Tech so all of the undergrads fulfilling their resolutions will be in the gym for the next week or so (then they get bored and stop showing up)…

  • SpyX Info

    McDonald’s Israeli “Pulp Fiction” commercial

    McDonald’s Israeli “Pulp Fiction” commer…


    A New Addition To My Family

    So my wife and kids got me the Delphi MyFi (XM2GO) for my birthday, and while the outside reception is not as advertised, it does work well in my truck, at the office and in my home. It also has…

  • Komma Punt Log – briljant en bescheiden

    Spotter (18)

    De kans dat ik ooit een McDonalds binnenstap wordt er niet groter door, maar de McDonald’s McShuarma-commercial uit IsraÎl is briljant. Een prachtige persiflage op de fastfood-conversatie uit Pulp Fiction. En kijk nog maar eens goed, het zijn echt niet…

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome — thanks!


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the link, I loved the commercial and had to have one.

    I had the McShwarma at Ben Gurion Airport McDonalds. At first it was good, because it was warm, but when it cooled down, the real taste came out. It was a real experience I think everyone should try once, then go to Moshiko on Ben Yehuda and get a real one.

  • Kispad

    Boiler room

    Larry Altman vagyok. Larry Altman Genfb≈ël. √âs van egy visszautas√≠thatatlan aj√°nlatom. Mikor j√≥ v√°s√°rolni, amikor fent van a t≈ëzsde vagy amikor lent van? Nal√°tja! Kipp-kopp, a lehet≈ës√©g kopogtat az ajt√≥n. Hallja? Larry Altman a vil√°g legnag…

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  • EVa

    Could somebody tell me, what the tied up mcdo-clerk is saying when they open the trunk – and please translate it for me?

  • Shy Guy

    The guy in the trunk says “Mah Ani Kashur”, which means “how am I connected [to this]“. But the word “kashur” also literally means “tied up” or “bound”. Play on words, just for a simple pun.

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