Hate in Dubai

Educational authorities in Dubai have promised to withdraw a school book which contains an extremely offensive picture: two Jewish children.
Education authorities here have promised to review a book taught in an international private school that features a photograph of two Jewish children sporting plaited hair and yarmulke.
Dr  Obaid Butti Al Mohiri, the Director of Curriculums Centre at the Ministry of Education, said he would order the withdrawal of the book for primary Class I of the Dubai International School if the complaints raised were found genuine.
Several teachers of the school telephoned Khaleej Times, complaining against the picture, captioned ‘We play together; we stick together’, featured in the book  Friends Forever. The teachers said that of all the pictures in the book, the students reacted sharply to only this picture.
When approached, the Educational Zone took the stand that its role was only mediating between private schools and the Curriculum Centre. The zone receives textbooks from the schools and sends them to the centre for scrutiny.
A source in the school said that these books were imported from outside the country and had not been reviewed.
When contacted, Dr  Mohiri expressed anger that the matter was brought to him. “What should we do when we do not have enough staff to review textbooks in more than 400 schools countrywide?”
Yeah, they don’t hate the Jews. They hate only the Zionists.
Which leads me to the following questions:
  • With neighbors who hate us this much, do you honestly think that carving up the tiny slither of land us Jews call home, and giving away much of it to the PLO Arabs, will miraculously bring about peace? The more likely scenario is that the Arabs will sense an opportunity, and try to drive us into the sea yet again.
  • What would the Left’s reaction be if the Israeli education authorities had decided to withdraw schoolbooks featuring innocent pictures of Arabs, due to complaints from Jewish parents? No doubt they would be decrying the racism of the Zionist regime. Yet they are silent now.
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