Hate in Dubai

Educational authorities in Dubai have promised to withdraw a school book which contains an extremely offensive picture: two Jewish children.

Education authorities here have promised to review a book taught in an international private school that features a photograph of two Jewish children sporting plaited hair and yarmulke.


Dr  Obaid Butti Al Mohiri, the Director of Curriculums Centre at the Ministry of Education, said he would order the withdrawal of the book for primary Class I of the Dubai International School if the complaints raised were found genuine.


Several teachers of the school telephoned Khaleej Times, complaining against the picture, captioned ‘We play together; we stick together’, featured in the book  Friends Forever. The teachers said that of all the pictures in the book, the students reacted sharply to only this picture.


When approached, the Educational Zone took the stand that its role was only mediating between private schools and the Curriculum Centre. The zone receives textbooks from the schools and sends them to the centre for scrutiny.


A source in the school said that these books were imported from outside the country and had not been reviewed.


When contacted, Dr  Mohiri expressed anger that the matter was brought to him. “What should we do when we do not have enough staff to review textbooks in more than 400 schools countrywide?”

Yeah, they don’t hate the Jews. They hate only the Zionists.




Which leads me to the following questions:


  • With neighbors who hate us this much, do you honestly think that carving up the tiny slither of land us Jews call home, and giving away much of it to the PLO Arabs, will miraculously bring about peace? The more likely scenario is that the Arabs will sense an opportunity, and try to drive us into the sea yet again.

  • What would the Left’s reaction be if the Israeli education authorities had decided to withdraw schoolbooks featuring innocent pictures of Arabs, due to complaints from Jewish parents? No doubt they would be decrying the racism of the Zionist regime. Yet they are silent now.
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    • Anonymous


      How about a hat tip? You know who emailed you that article yesterday. Or at least an email back acknowledging saying thanks man for the tip I’m gonna post it.

    • Anonymous


      I always acknowledge my sources. And neither you, nor anyone else, sent me this article. I have the Khaleej Times bookmarked, and happened to visit it today. (I also saw this on Worldnetdaily after the fact).

      Go check your sent mail again and see that you have not sent me anything in a while. Then feel free to apologize for the tone of your comment, as well as the implication that I “lifted” this without attribution.

    • Anonymous

      This comment really has no bearing on this post, but I figured I would put it in the most recent post so that you see it. My only question for you is, how can you deny that the Palestinians have no claim to a land that was snatched from them when Israel was founded. Now, by no means am I saying that Israel should not exist, but attempting to claim that Palestinians have no claim to the land in that area is simply ridiculous. I would just like to know what information you are basing your decision to title Palestinians “PLO Arabs” on?

    • Anonymous

      What’s also disturbing is that the news article doesn’t say why such a photograph is against government policy. It’s as though it’s a given that a photo of a Jew is not allowed. Ugh!

    • Anonymous

      what a beautiful story.

      Im in tears. Keep it up, David!

    • Anonymous

      in reference to your comments, I meant.

      Its beautiful how you put to words what I wish I could say.

    • Anonymous

      You comments reflect the frightening depth of ignorance of history in the EU -nuch.

      Until the British Mandate there was no such entity as Palestine. The area was subject to the governor in Damascus.

      There were more Jews than Muslims living in Jerusalem in the 19th century. Very few people lived in the area before the Jews arrived.

      The British Mandate of Palestine was divided into Cisjordan and Transjordan. Transjordan was for the Arabs, the rest was to be a Jewish Homeland.

      No Jew stole anyone’s land. It was all purchased from the legal owners.

      The so-called Palestinians are mostly the descendents of colonists sent by the Ottoman’s to populate the area in the 19th century. Others came, drawn by the jobs Jews offered.

      The Arab goal is not peace with Israel, it is the destruction of Israel. The only peace the Muslim is when he dominates.

      And Arabs only lie when their lips move.

      So why not turn off the telly and read some history, fellah.

    • Anonymous

      As far as you not getting any commenters. Your site made it impossible to comment on all previous attempts, so rather than go through all the headaches and getting pissed off because it would eat my commentaries after they were fully typed out, bcs “I wasn’t registered?” I said screw it.

    • Anonymous

      My friend email you that by the way… a day before you posted it but perhaps you noticed it yourself prior to his emailing it..

      either way no big deal.

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with that. I tried to comment on several occasions and gave up. Had a hard time registering. I made a big effort to register on your birthday and posted then. I’ve been a bit busy since then so haven’t commented but still do read you blog almost daily.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not even an Arab (or a Muslim) and I hate JEWS! You people are the scum of the planet!

    • Anonymous

      Not an Arab/Muslim? So what are you doing in United Arab Emirates? Holidaying? (Yes, I have an IP tracker you imbecile)

    • Anonymous

      hey dickface…. are you that stupid that you dont even begin to realise that their are THOUSANDS of foreigners living in the middle east…. I think its time that you close down this excuse of a website and start reading the news papers…. you are so tied up in believing that the israeli’s legally own Palestine, that you seem to forget that the Palestinians were there way before you and your settler nation….

    • Anonymous

      Consider this your last comment on this site. All future ones will be deleted, since you are incapable of doing anything but swear, and show your ignorance.

      Whatever you are, you belong in the UAE. Actually, you belong in the garbage pale of history, and you will find yourself there, no doubt.

      Ciao, mofo.

    • Anonymous

      Afterthought: What kind of moron talks of this “poor excuse of a website”, yet comes here repeatedly to read my posts and comment?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to rain on your parade “John” but you should be the one checking your facts, and curbing your racist speech. Since you have so many lies in your post, I’ll try and take them on one by one.

      You claim that “There were more Jews than Muslims living in Jerusalem in the 19th century” According to “The Population of Palestine” by Justin McCarthy (Published by Columbia University) there were 1,310,866 Arabs in the British mandate of Palestine in 1946, and only 599,922 jews. In fact, it took until well after that until the Jewish population actually exceeded the Arab population in the area we call Israel. It was not as if the land that constitutes Israel was simply empty, there were millions of people there.

      There was also no “legal purchase” of land, it was simply taken from the Ottoman Empire during the division of the spoils after WWI, and placed aside for the creation of a Jewish State.

      Your claim that Palestinians are “descendents of colonists sent by the Ottomans to populate the area in the 19th century” may in fact be true, but what relevance does that have to the situation at hand. They would have been in Palestine since the 1800’s, well before any Jewish settlers or even the birth of moderm Zionism.

      As far as your comment that “the Arab only lies when his lips move,” that is just pure racism. I have no doubt that if I were to make a comment in that same vein regarding the Jewish population, I would be banned from the site immediately. Once again, I do not oppose Israels existence, but do oppose many of her repressionist policies. If anyone else besides John the hatemonger would like to discuss this with me using FACTS I would love to talk.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I found this article accidentally on the Internet and I am taking advantage to ask which are the chances and the future of a woman from another country, who is Christian, to get married with a Jewish man who lives in Dubai ? Can they be happy together in Dubai? WHO CAN HELP ME WITH THIS, PLEASE ?


    • Anonymous

      Regarding population, John said Jerusalem, not the Mandate of Palestine as a whole, and is correct in that. There was a lot of legal purchase of land too. Just because Britain took over control of the area known as Palestine after the fall of the Ottoman Empire doesn’t mean the British government came to own all of the land! There were many private landowners and a large amount of Arab land (including land which now lies inside the West Bank & Gaza) was purchased by Zionist organisations. However, it is true that when Israel was created (after the Arabs rejected the UN partition plan), the Israel Defence Forces captured land that had belonged to Arab landowners that fled. On the other hand, the Jordanian army did the same to Jewish property in the West Bank, and the Egyptian army the same in Gaza…not to mention the many Arab governments that confiscated huge amounts of Jewish property and expelled Jews (although this, of course, does not justify IDF actions in any way). The birth of modern Zionism was during the 19th century (the first Aliyah occurred in the late 1800s), and it was during these Aliyot that many Arabs came from across the empire to the area known as Palestine to take advantage of the opportunities in this rapidly developing region. However, whilst you may be incorrect in many facts, many wrongs have been committed on both sides since then.

    • Anonymous

      hey, shitbag!the jews owned israel for thousands of years. there was never a time when there was not a substantial population of jews in israel.you camel jockeys moved in in the late 1800s because the turks sent you there .it seems that theydid nt want to waste good mules on working the pestilential swamps and sand pits that made up wht was most of the land under the ottomans. the jews came,drained the swamps vand made the desert bloom.today , you can still smell the difference between an arab village and a jewish one by the smell of feces in the first versus the scent of flowers in the second. at one time the islamic world was the most advanced civilization in the world .that was in the 13 th centuery. today you are asshole of the world . why don’t you fix your own shit and stop blaming the jews,usa, and christianity for your own descent from enlightenment into religious fanaticism,economic servitude and political oppression.

    • enlightener

      As a Jewish writer and former broadcaster, I have only visited Israel once in the seventies. I am not a so called Zionist or a religious person, but I was born into the Jewish race. I am also not a poitical
      animal, but when it comes to the perpetual Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which effects everyone, I do form opinions. I have no problem with a Palestinian State. What I don’t understand is why, with all the oil billionaires and their playboy lifestyles, the latter don’t contribute some of their territories to the Palestinians.? Much of the desrts adjoining Israel are barren, so what harm could it do to provide it to their arab moslem relatives, after all history shows us that all residents of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt,etc. where once nomadic tribes as were the Palestinians. Wouldn’t it make sense for all Countries in the Middle East to live in harmony together, rather than to encourage their children to
      blow up innocent neighbors with explosives starpped to themselves and then to receive payment for this. how repugnant an act is that and this they then glorify as a magnificent sacrifice. How could anyone live with this on their conscience.? Terrorism has only brought anger and distrust towards the arab peoples by those of us who live in the West. Their is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that if Iran, Syria or anyone else really believes they can attack and anniliate the Jewish State, let me assure them, as a Jew, that Israel and the US will vaporise that Nation
      before they know what hit them. Jews do not want war, we yearn for peace.! But never again will we sit back and await our doom….that’s for certain.!

    • UKarb

      European jews (ashkenazi) should not even be in the Middle East. They are not the people who came out of captivity in Egypt! As for the real jews who actually look middle eastern (semetic) I cant tell them to go back to Europe but I can certainly say that to those other fake hebrews!

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