One Day in Ramallah

PLO Arab President Mahmoud Abbas meets British actor Ben Kingsley


Abbas: I really admire what you are doing.

Kingsley: Thank you.

Abbas: She was a great hero.

Kingsley: He was a great hero.

Abbas: Huh? Aren’t you working on a play about our beloved martyr Rachel Corrie?

Kingsley: No. I think you have me confused with my colleague Alan Rickman. I am Ben Kingsley. You may know me from the Holocaust movie Schindler’s List?

Abbas: Holocaust? What’s that?

Kingsley: I am here for the screening of Gandhi, and to promote non-violence among your people.

Abbas: I see. Abdul, will you kindly show our guest the door?

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  • Anonymous

    Caption: Living hair donor Mohamed Abbas offers pre-op words of encouragement to hair transplant recipient Ben Kingsley.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that was me again above. Another:

    Separated at birth

    With apologies to Jim Henson.

    Shy Guy

  • Anonymous

    Shy Guy,

    Given the amount that you comment on this site (and thanks sincerely for that!), you should register a user once. Then you won’t have to keep signing your comments “Shy Guy”

  • Anonymous

    hehe :=)

  • Anonymous

    Someone warned Kingsley about Abbas – look how he’s holding onto his watch.

  • Anonymous

    We can use this as the basis for another caption:

    Hollywood film star Ben Kingsley demonstrates his famous “hair today, Ghandi tomorrow” disappearing wristwatch trick, to the amusement of PA chairman Mohamed Abbas.

    Shy Guy

  • Anonymous

    A more festive caption:

    Palestinian Authority chairman Mohamed Abbas listens captively while his guest, American actor Ben Kingsley, recites the Mah Nishtanah by heart, in preparation for the upcoming PAssover holiday celebrations in Ramallah. Abbas remained motionless throughout Kingsley’s recitation, so as not to crush the Afikoman matzah he had hidden in his rear trouser pocket.

    I think that’s the last of ‘em.

    Shy Guy

  • Anonymous

    For days this pic has been in the back of my mind’suddenly it’s dawned on me.

    Its Telly bloody Savalas! (I suppose it’s not hard to agree; they are both hairless)

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