The UK tabloid The Sun, true to form, describes the capture of one of the four failed UK bombers in typical, hyerbolic style (hat tip: Meryl Yourish)
A jubilant cop last night described the dramatic moment suicide bomb suspect Yasin Hassan Omar was seized – after being zapped with a 50,000-volt Taser gun.
Somalian Omar, 24, was disabled with the stun gun as police burst into his Birmingham hideout.
He was seen trying to grab a backpack similar to those used by bombers – and was immediately shot with the Taser.
Minutes later he was led away – shuffling like a caged animal – in manacles – and a suspect package was later blown up in a controlled explosion.
An officer who took part in the dawn arrest said: I’ve never seen anyone look so scared.”
Every muscle in Omar’s body would have been temporarily paralyzed as barbed darts attached to electrical wires fired from the Taser gave an agonising shock.
Omar was in his blue pyjamas in the bathroom when a dozen officers wielding a battering ram smashed their way into an apartment at 63 Heybarnes Road, Small Heath, at 4.30am.
The police source said: “He looked s**t scared. He had obviously been sleeping but must have jumped up the moment he heard the door go.
“He looked utterly astonished to see us. His face was a picture. He must have thought he was completely safe.
“When we first burst in he offered little resistance, although he looked like he was going to make a run for it at one point.
“He was then hit with the Taser as he was picking up a backpack because we did not know what was in it. It looked very much like other backpacks that have been used by bombers.”
And that, my friends, is the first you will have heard about the Zionist Death Lazer.TM *
* For more on previous Zionist weapons of death, see here and here.

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