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Fun With Watermelons – Part 3

This watermelon is dedicated to Lance Armstrong  

Separated at Birth

Ricky Martin and late arch terrorist Yasser Arafat     So now I have a new question, besides whether or not Martin knows the significance of the...

Old Habits

Pope Benedict XVI on June 9th: "The history of relations between our two communities has been complex and often painful..but I am convinced that the...

Ricky Picking Sides?

Another celebrity that shouldn't quit their day job. Puerto Rican rock icon Ricky Martin, on his first ever visit to the Middle East, pledged Monday...

Fun With Watermelons – Part 2

This watermelon is dedicated to Jack.  

What Does George See?

In this new regular feature, I guess as to what US President George W. Bush is looking at.     Possibility #1:   In this new regular feature, I...

PLO Arab Terrorists – Sunny Side Up

What do we have here? A PLO Arab policeman in training..     Are they just practicing to lie down in this position, since this is the...

Showing Their True Colors

Caroline Glick has written a must-read column on the true nature of the "settlers," as evidenced by the peaceful protests at Kfar Maimon.   Excerpt: As one...

Fun With Watermelons

Some people really have a lot of time on their hands..  

Reasons to Hate the French #25,599

The French love themselves. And I have the figures to prove it. Eight out of 10 French people check their looks in the mirror at...

What Won’t They Blame on Us?

We've been blamed for practically everything, including the AIDS virus, and September 11. Now you can add the following to the list:   Recent terrorist attack...

The Murder of Innocents

Some more innocent people murdered by PLO Arabs.   Notice where they were shot dead - on the main access road to/from Gush Katif.   The Israeli government...

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