JIB Awards 2005: Winners


The final results for the 2005 JIBs are in.


Best Designed Blog
1. Cross Currents
2. Jewschool
3. Jewlicious

Best ‘Life in Israel’ Blog
1. Treppenwitz
2. The Cahan’s in Israel
3. Orthodox Anarchist

Best Jewish Religion Blog
1. Hirhurim

Best Series

Best Post

Best Overall Blog

Best Jewish Culture Blog

Best Humor Blog

Best Israel Advocacy Blog

Best Politics and Current Affairs Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best New Blog 2005

Best Overall ‘Mega’ Blog

Best Podcast

Best ‘Student Life’ Blog

Best Group Blog

3. Jewschool


Best of Rest


The bloggers of the top three-placed blogs in each category are invited to email the Jerusalem Post at [email protected] to apply for a custom-made awards badge. If your site took place in the Finals voting but did not end up in the top three places, you may download a JIB 2005 Finalist Badge from this page.


I would like to thank all of you who participated in this year’s awards, especially those of you who did so in the right spirit. I hope you all had fun, benefited with increased traffic, and plan to provide your increased readership with interesting, thought-provoking content. I would also like to thank the Jerusalem Post for helping to run the awards this year. I think you did a fabulous job.


Until next year.

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