MC Hamza – Chip off the Old Hook


The Sun has an exclusive report about the eldest son of Abu “Hook” Hamza, who is following in daddy’s footsteps by spreading hate through music.

Jailed cleric Abu Hamza’s terrorist son is spreading words of hate ‚Äî as a rapper.


Mohammed Kamel Mostafa’s song lyrics rant about waging Jihad (holy war) and carrying weapons, and praise banned Middle East terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas.


In one he raps: “I was born to be a soldier, Kalashnikov in my shoulder, peace to Hamas and Hezbollah, that‚Äôs the way of the lord Allah . . . we’re Jihad through, defend my religion with the holy sword.‚Äù He also sings of his Islamic “brothers” who vowed to die for Allah.


Mostafa, 24 — dubbed MC Hamza by his henchmen — has played venues ranging from Wembley Arena to Oxford University.


He launched Islamic group Lionz Of Da Dezert last year — and is now aiming for solo success.


The sponger has raked in hundreds of pounds in merchandising spin-offs — while claiming taxpayer-funded benefits worth around £200 a month.


The Sun set up a recording studio in North London where he met our undercover reporters in a bid to clinch a music deal.


Speaking in broken English, greedy Mostafa boasted: “I think I can easily make more than a million. A million is nothing.


“I’ve been concentrating on gigs but there’s a big market out there, trust me. 5,000 people came to see me play at Wembley.”


Mostafa revealed he made more than £300 at a recent gig by flogging branded T-shirts and key rings.


He said he had already rejected one deal because he was “only going to get ¬£1.50 per album”.


He added: “I want to put out an album for the mainstream market ‚Äî then make a CD featuring hardcore lyrics.”


The Brit-born terrorist ‚Äî Hamza’s oldest child by his first wife Valerie ‚Äî said: “My aim is to record and finish three different albums. One is Islamic, one is Middle Eastern, one is hip-hop. I can appeal to three different markets.


“I can also sing in Asia ‚Äî as well as in Turkish, Arabic and English.


“It took me six months to learn how to produce music. Now I don’t need to go to the studio and pay big money to make a recording. I can do it at home.


“I guarantee you, my music will be popular all over the Middle East ‚Äî from Egypt to Palestine.”


Mostafa, whose stage name AL-ansary means lion, also revealed plans for a music video to be broadcast on TV across the Arab world.


Asked if he hoped to become as big a name as terror chief Osama Bin Laden, he said: “Inshallah” ‚Äî an Arabic word meaning: “God willing”.


He handed our reporters a track featuring lyrics about terror and took the microphone to sing others.


Earlier he had told of his special forces military training in Yemen — where he was jailed for three years in 1999 for plotting to butcher tourists and embassy staff.


He said: “Helicopters, tanks, planes, I can fly and drive them. I’ve a lot of anger inside me. But I’m not scared. Jihad is clear, you fight those who fight you ‚Äî Muslim or non-Muslim.”


The fanatic also hinted that he had bomb-making skills, adding: “If I’m stuck in a place where I really want to escape I can make something up using sugar and stuff.”


The extremist stepped into his hook-handed dad’s shoes by ranting outside North London‚Äôs Finsbury Park mosque following the radical cleric’s arrest.


Hamza 47, was caged this month for seven years after urging fanatics to kill Christians and Jews.


Mostafa, who lives in a rented room in Wembley, North West London, claimed he was a student on a business course.


He gets a ¬£44.50-a-week jobseekers’ allowance ‚Äî despite recently selling his dad’s ex-council flat in West London for a ¬£150,000 profit.


Last night Tory MP Greg Hands blasted Mostafa’s music bid.


He said: “This revelation will only add to the taxpayer‚Äôs misery.”

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