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A few months ago, Israel Forum kindly agreed to run this year’s JIB awards, due to my inability and lack of desire to be involved this year. And I want to state for the record, I think they have tried their best to make it work. It is a thankless job, especially when you are subject to nasty and unfair criticism, as I believe my friends at Israel Forum have been.
Having said that, I cannot pretend to be pleased with the format of the awards. I voiced my displeasure at the concept of the voting being based solely on the JBlogCentral voting, since I believe this voting system is being abused (as Bagelblogger noted a few weeks ago).
And there are other issues – such as the fact that entries in the category Best Post/Series are not reflective of the category, but are merely pointing to the blog itself.
But for me, the main problem is that the lack of publicity, and the rushed nature of proceedings, have compromised the very aim of the JIBs – namely to promote Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs to the general public.
Consequently, I have requested that the name JIBs be dropped from these awards. The JIBs will be back soon, true to their traditional format.
Again, let me stress that I think Israel Forum has tried very hard to make this work, admittedly with very little in the way of assistance from me, and with much in the way of undeserved criticism (a major reason why I gave up running the JIBs). Therefore, I ask that you fully support these awards. Just don’t call them the JIBs.

Update: Israel Forum have graciously changed the name of their awards to the People’s Choice Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards.

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  • Anonymous

    It is of little consequence. While I commend them for their hard work and efforts, much about it is broken for the simple reasons you stated and for others. Numerous nominations that I made seem to have been unilaterally disqualified because the sites were not listed in the IsraelForum directory. This is especially silly when it comes to the “best new blog” category since a relatively new blog obviously might not be yet listed. Similarly, those that got listed late due to the award rules obviously are at an incongruous disadvantage to those which are.
    The Best Post/ best Series double catergory makes no sense as they have nothing to do with each other, plus, the “best post” is not chosen on the merits of the post but on the overall rating of that specific page.

  • Anonymous


    It is no secret that I have voiced criticism of the JIbs both past and present. But I want to clarify a couple of things.

    I never had a problem with your administration of the JIBs. There was never a question about your motive. It was altruism and you put your heart into it and deserve kudos and commendation for your hard work.

    The thing that I found disturbing was the blatant campaigning that went on. Some people stopped blogging to push their own blogs, it just didn’t sit well.

    But this recent horror show was an entirely different story. There was nothing noble about their attempt. It was a selfish attempt to promote a small startup.

    And the truth of the matter is being revealed in the petty comment and comparisons that the little guy is pushing out.

    Town Crier is correct. There is no reason why eligibility should be based upon registration.

    I won’t belabor the point. Suffice it to say that I am happy to see that a change has been made. It was the right thing to do.

    Here is to a brighter future.

  • Anonymous

    Strange, I actually had no idea that the awards were even going on.

  • Anonymous

    That was part of the problem!

  • Anonymous


    I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. I have no reason to doubt anyone’s intentions in hosting the awards. I just was not happy with the way they were going, and hence had to act.

  • Anonymous

    I can see some grounds for constructive criticism, much in the spirit of what you yourself have said Dave.

    Not foregoing the tremendous work load running such an event brings, there is a positive out of all this.

    That the Jewish community will have two blog awards, for me is all positive.

    Two different awards, for a large community will only help in what should be their main objective. To bring publicity and attention to all those Bloggers that work tirelessly day in day out, and

    “namely to promote Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs to the general public”

    Its a big world out there, and there’s enough room for two awards.

    I hope the People’s Choice much success and I look forward to the JIB’s when they come.

    Shabbat Shalom


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