Not Even Pretending


We already knew the mainstream media were hiring photographers who areless than impartial. We’ve seen it from the examples of doctored or staged photos, ratio ofpalestinian “victim” vs Israeli victim photos, as wellas the frequently misleading and one-sided captions. So we shouldn’t be surprised by this:

Agence France Presse (AFP)photographer in Gaza, Mahmoud Al Hums, won the golden(shower? – ed.) prize in the China international competition for a photo he took of the Atahmna family that lost 17 members during an Israeli air strike in July 2006.

The prize is considered to be one of the most important prizes of its kind, which is granted to photo journalists worldwide. It is held annually by China International Press contest.

Al Hums dedicated the prize to Palestinian martyrs, especially the Atahmna family and expressed his pride in receiving the award.

Al Hums won the bronzemedal in 2004 in the same competition.He will receive the prize at an official celebration in China on the 22nd of May.

In any event, I strongly suspect weshould not take any contest of the China International Press too seriously.

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