Not Even Pretending – Again

Over two weeks ago, I pointed out the case of Agence France Presse (AFP) photographer in Gaza, Mahmoud Al Hums, who won a prize in the China international competition for a photo he took, a prize he promptly dedicated to “Palestinian martyrs.”

Now I see he has won another prize, and again made no effort to hide his bias.

A Palestinian photographer for AFP has won an Arab award for a picture of the funeral of a Palestinian child killed during an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip.Mahmud Hams, 27, a native of Rafah, bagged the prize for photography of the Arab Journalism Awards handed out by Dubai Press Club at the end of a two-day Arab media forum in Dubai on Wednesday.

The US$15,000 prize “is a boost which will prompt me to work with more enthusiasm”, said Hams. “I am happy to be able to convey the Palestinian people’s daily reality.”

How can AFP knowingly use photographers who are clearly biased, and are making no secret of their real agenda?

Let’s find out.

(Tip of the hate to Elder, who looks at some examples of Hams’ work, and how they clearly reflects his bias).

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  • Anonymous

    Dave, you’re conflating your naivety with someone else’s alleged bias.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’ll find you’ve misused the word “conflating.” But keep trying to use big words.

    So you are suggesting his bias is only alleged, even though he has clearly stated where he stands? I’m very interested in hearing how you arrive at this conclusion. We are all ears…

  • Anonymous

    Dave, I think you’ll find your inability to seperate your own niavety from the subject of journalism and bias leads you to write the silly things you do. What a pity that comprehension doesn’t automatically follow from the ability to read a dictionary. But keep trying.

    So who is a paragon of journalistic detachment for you – Caroline Glick??

  • Anonymous

    I’ll let the readers judge whether or not what I post is silly.

    Once again, you are unable to answer a simple question..please explain how Ham’s bias is only “alleged”, as you claim.

    If you continue to post comments in which you merely attack what I have said without any substantial proof or evidence, I AM going to ban you. For even though your comments do serve a purpose for me, they are beginning to irritate me.

  • Anonymous

    Hams says he is pleased to report the Palestinian situation – so what. He can hardly report the Icelandic siuation. That this is alleged to be evidence of bias only suggests that the evidence for bias must be extremely limited.

    But the major problem is the crudely simplistic notion that reporters have no opinions, or worse, that they should have none. Pure nonsense. They are human beings, not robots. Thier ideas, concerns and beliefs shape their work, from what they chose to cover, to how they cover it. They must however, strive to keep their opinions and the news clearly delineated.

    So, back to the question you’d rather not answer….what do you think of Caroline Glick, now that you’ve advanced the proposition that Hams words are evidence of bias?

    And yes, you probably should ban me (you’d be in good company)…….reason and truth are just so inconvenient.

  • Anonymous

    No, Hams’ exact words were “”I am happy to be able to convey the Palestinian people’s daily reality.” And he dedicated another prize to palestinian martyrs. So he is clearly biased, as are you.

    Of course journalists and photographers have opinions, but about the journalistic code of ethics? Perhaps this is to which you refer when you talk of the need to “keep their opinions and the news clearly delineated”, but you conveniently ignore applying this to Hams’ case. No reasonable person could conclude from his words, and his photos, that he was adhering to the code of ethics.

    I fail to see what Caroline Glick has to do with this discussion, and you have not provided any proof of her contravening any code of ethics.

    But thanks for the laugh re: your comment about reason and truth, two words I would never associate with you..

  • Anonymous

    Precisely – what else is a reporter to do but to strive for “reality”????

    Are you really trying to suggest he should have no feeling of sympathy for the dead?? That again is just resorting to the ‘robot’ argument, it has nothing to do with impartiality, especially since the comments were made in relation to the awards he received, ie a personal response. You’re really straining Dave.

    And what has Caroline Glick got to do with it ?- everything. You’ve set the bar very, very high regarding Hams and bias. Glick has made her commitment to the Zionist cause perfectly clear. You should read her acceptance speech for the Ben Hecht award (for “Outstanding Journalism”), bestowed by the Zionist Organisation of America. She’s received another award for her journalism…from another Zionist organisation. She’s also listed as a speaker for the “Hasbara Fellowships” at

    Glick is a real champion of objectivity. And you have linked to her articles. Yet you’re having a go at Hams who is according to you “clearly biased, and are making no secret of their real agenda?

    So what you think of Glick will tell us a lot about what you’ve written on Hams, ie. is it based on principle or very selective outrage.

    Imagine what you’d have written if Hams was part of ‘’ and was listed as a speaker for “Propaganda Fellowships Speakers Bureau”.

    You’d be having a fit.

  • Anonymous


    If you cannot admit that Hams’ dedication of an award to palestinian martrys and his further comments aren’t troubling, especially when you see his work (as shown in the Elder post), then we don’t have much to talk about.

    Your Caroline Glick argument is a strawman. She writes editorials. Feel free to point to a REPORT where you see any bias on her part, because that would be the correct comparison.

  • Anonymous

    “No, Hams’ exact words were “”I am happy to be able to convey the Palestinian people’s daily reality.” And he dedicated another prize to palestinian martyrs. So he is clearly biased, as are you.”

    Michael put a sock in it.

    You made the ridiculous claim that he wasn’t biased you need to learn how to read.

  • Anonymous


    You are no longer welcome here. This blog is not your platform for your particularly vile form of anti-Israel/jewish propaganda. All further comments from you will be deleted.


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