Still Pushing the Wrong Buttons


Do you remember the Israeli band Teapacks, whose song Push the Button, warning about the dangers of nuclear war, was almost banned by Eurovision Song Contest organizers?

Well it seems this year’s Finnish hosts have decided to adopt a different approach to achieve the same result.

An Israeli band threatened to withdraw from the Eurovision song contest. Tea Packs, whose song “Push the Button” has stirred controversy with its allusions to nuclear war, complained over the weekend that the Finnish hosts of this year’s Eurovision were trying to change the performance.

“They changed the staging off-handedly,” Ma’ariv quoted singer Kobi Oz as saying. “They changed the background, deciding that it would be photographed with only one hand-held camera out of the 10 that exist, and made the colors softer.”

Oz threatened to withdraw from the contest, which takes place Thursday and Saturday in Helsinki, unless Tea Packs is legally required to show.”If we must appear, then as far as I am concerned we will perform nude,” he said.

And that might just be a scarier sight than last year’s winners, Lordi.

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