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Israeli band Teapacks has been wiped off the Eurovision map.

The Israeli band Teapacks on Thursday evening failed to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest finals, as it was not selected to go on in the contest’s semi-finals in Helsinki.

Teapacks, the Israeli entry for the song contest, sang its controversial song “Push the Button” in Helsinki Thursday in the Eurovision semifinals, which were broadcast in Israel on Channel 1.

Ten of the 20 finalists for the contest were selected Thursday, and the contest’s finals will be held on Saturday night.

Technical difficulties cast a shadow over Teapacks’ performance, as the broadcast cut out for five seconds and was replaced by a silent red screen, Israel Radio reported.

According to Israel Radio, the Israel Broadcast Authority’s delegation to the contest requested that the band either be allowed to perform the song again or be awarded additional points, to make up for the possible disadvantage created by the technical difficulty. The European Broadcasting Union denied the request.

In other words, it looks like someone pushed the wrong button.

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