A Bee in the Bonnet


Reading Neo’s post on Nahoul the Bee’s animal cruelty, I am left scratching my head.

I mean, here we have a bee, who is cousins with a (now deceased) mouse (perplexing in itself), deciding to exhibit cruelty to other animals.

Then again, perhaps he/she was specifically targeting members of the cat family in memory of cousin Farfur. Which is still perplexing, given than Farfur was killed by Wesley Snipes an evil Zionist.

Nahoul should take a leaf out of his (or her?) relatives’ books and make love, not war. At least when it comes to other species of animals (not including the sons of monkeys and pigs, of course. They are fair game).

By the way, here’s the video of Nahoul’s animal cruelty.

May I suggest that next time, Nahoul try entering the lion’s cage. Now that would be entertainment.

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