Light the Candle

The latest from “award-winning” palestinian photographer Mahmud Hams:


Rally for Gaza : Palestinian children hold candles during a rally calling for the end of Israeli sanctions on the Gaza Strip in Gaza City. (AFP/Mahmud Hams)

Before you allow your heart strings to be pulled, ask yourselves why we have not seen these palestinian children at rallies opposing the Qassam rocket attacks on Sderot, aimed at killing innocent people, which have precipitated the sanctions on Gaza.

Trust me. These kids might be holding candles now, but they’re bound to be holding detonators or guns in the not-too-distant future.

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  • Gerri

    I just find it hard to imagine that in this day in age there are so many people living in places that are not at peace. The world just seems to be getting more and more into crisis. Yes, that is a good photo on your post but what struck me the most was you saying “but they’re bound to be holding detonators or guns in the not-too-distant future”. These kids should be out and about being kids! A friend of mine who is extremely regligious says to me that it is all written in the Bible and thta the time is coming when there is going to be much much more chaos to come.

  • Aussie Dave

    Gerri, I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately, there is not much chance of them being out and about being kids when they are learning all about killing Jews in school and on television, and attending Hamas and Fatah rallies holding real guns.

  • soccer dad

    Snapped Shot adds that the candles and darkness are likely for effect.

  • Jeff

    My local big city paper loves to publish one of these photos a day in the world photos page. Usually the West Bank. And like Soccer Dad reminded me, I haven’t seen a non-staged photo. I ask are any real???
    They’re probably using those candles to practice carrying them over to the fuse detonator. Off camera.
    Hamas Summer Camp anyone?

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