Hypocrisy, Thy Name is “Arab”

Arabs have been unanimous in rejecting the idea of Israel being a “Jewish state.” Their reasons are that, by definition, a Jewish state would be discriminatory against Arabs and Muslims.

If you define “Jewish” in purely religious terms, that would mean that any state that defines itself as “Islamic” is, by definition, equally guilty of this discrimination. If you define “Jewish” in ethnic or national terms, then any state that defines itself as “Arab” would be equally guilty of the racism that Israel is being accused of.

Time to check out the official hypocrisy of Israel’s critics, and note the deafening silence towards this supposed Arab and Islamic racism:

Jordan’s constitution:

Article 1
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an independent sovereign Arab State. It is indivisible and inalienable and no part of it may be ceded. The people of Jordan form a part of the Arab Nation, and its system of government is parliamentary with a hereditary monarchy.
Article 2
Islam is the religion of the State and Arabic is its official language.

Egypt’s constitution:

Art.1*: The Arab Republic of Egypt is a Socialist Democratic State based on the alliance of the working forces of the people. The Egyptian people are part of the Arab Nation and work for the realization of its comprehensive unity.
Art.2*: Islam is the Religion of the State. Arabic is its official language, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).

Libya’s constitution:

Article 1 [Principles] Libya is an Arab, democratic, and free republic in which sovereignty is vested in the people. The Libyan people are part of the Arab nation. Their goal is total Arab unity. The Libyan territory is a part of Africa. The name of the country is the Libyan Arab Republic.

Article 2 [State Religion, Language] Islam is the religion of the State and Arabic is its official Language. The state protects religious freedom in accordance with established customs.

Morocco’s constitution:

The Kingdom of Morocco, a Muslim Sovereign State whose official language is Arabic, constitutes a part of the Great Arab Maghreb.
Article 6 [State Religion] Islam is the religion of the State which guarantees to all freedom of worship.

Yemen’s constitution:

Article (1) The Republic of Yemen is an Arab, Islamic and independent sovereign state whose integrity is inviolable, and no part of which may be ceded. The people of Yemen are part of the Arab and Islamic nation.

Article (2) Islam is the religion of the state, and Arabic is its official language.

Article (3) Islamic Shari’ah is the source of all legislation.

Syria’s constitution:

Article 1 [Arab Nation, Socialist Republic]

(1) The Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic, popular, socialist, and sovereign state. No part of its territory can be ceded. Syria is a member of the Union of the Arab Republics.
(2) The Syrian Arab region is a part of the Arab homeland.
(3) The people in the Syrian Arab region are a part of the Arab nation. They work and struggle to achieve the Arab nation’s comprehensive unity.

Article 3 [Islam]

(1) The religion of the President of the Republic has to be Islam.
(2) Islamic jurisprudence is a main source of legislation.

Saudi Arabia’s constitution:

Article 1
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab Islamic state with Islam as its religion; God’s Book and the Sunnah of His Prophet, God’s prayers and peace be upon him, are its constitution, Arabic is its language and Riyadh is its capital.

Kuwait’s constitution:

Article 1

Kuwait is an independent sovereign Arab State. Neither its sovereignty nor any part of its territory may be relinquished.

The people of Kuwait is a part of the Arab Nation.

Article 2

The religion of the State is Islam, and the Islamic Sharia shall be a main source of legislation.

Algeria’s constitution:

Article 1 [Democracy, Republic] Algeria is a People’s Democratic Republic. It is one and indivisible.

Article 2 [State Religion] Islam is the religion of the State.

Bahrain’s constitution:

Article 1 [Sovereignty, Constitutional Monarchy] a. The Kingdom of Bahrain is a fully sovereign, independent Islamic Arab State whose population is part of the Arab nation and whose territory is part of the great Arab homeland. Its sovereignty may not be assigned or any of its territory abandoned.
Article 2 [State Religion, Shari’a, Official Language] The religion of the State is Islam. The Islamic Shari’a is a principal source for legislation. The official language is Arabic.

Oman’s constitution:

Article 1 [Sovereignty] The Sultanate of Oman is an independent, Arab, Islamic, fully sovereign state with Muscat as its capital.

Article 2 [Religion] The religion of the State is Islam and the Islamic Shariah is the basis of legislation.

Tunisia’s constitution:

Article 1 [State] Tunisia is a free State, independent and sovereign; its religion is the Islam, its language is Arabic, and its form is the Republic.

Article 2 [Arab Nation, Treaties]

(1) The Tunisian Republic constitutes part of the Great Arab Maghreb, towards whose unity it works within the framework of common interests.

Mauritania’s constitution:

Preamble:…Conscious of the necessity of strengthening its ties with brother peoples, the Mauritanian people, a Muslim, African, and Arab people, proclaims that it will work for the achievement of the unity of the Greater Maghreb of the Arab Nation and of Africa and for the consolidation of peace in the world.

Title I General Provisions, Fundamental Principles

Article 1 [State Integrity, Equal Protection]

(1) Mauritania is an indivisible, democratic, and social Islamic Republic.

Iran’s constitution:

Article 1 [Form of Government] The form of government of Iran is that of an Islamic Republic, endorsed by the people of Iran on the basis of their longstanding belief in the sovereignty of truth and Koranic justice,…
Article 2 [Foundational Principles] The Islamic Republic is a system based on belief in:
1) the One God (as stated in the phrase “There is no god except Allah”), His exclusive sovereignty and right to legislate, and the necessity of submission to His commands; 2) Divine revelation and its fundamental role in setting forth the laws;
3) the return to God in the Hereafter, and the constructive role of this belief in the course of man’s ascent towards God;
4) the justice of God in creation and legislation;
5) continuous leadership and perpetual guidance, and its fundamental role in ensuring the uninterrupted process of the revolution of Islam; 6) the exalted dignity and value of man, and his freedom coupled with responsibility before God; in which equity, justice, political, economic, social, and cultural independence, and national solidarity are secured by recourse to: a) continuous leadership of the holy persons, possessing necessary qualifications, exercised on the basis of the Koran and the Sunnah, upon all of whom be peace;
b) sciences and arts and the most advanced results of human experience, together with the effort to advance them further;
c) negation of all forms of oppression, both the infliction of and the submission to it, and of dominance, both its imposition and its acceptance.

“Palestine”‘s constitution:


Palestine is part of the large Arab World, and the Palestinian people are part of the Arab Nation. Arab Unity is an objective which the Palestinian People shall work to achieve.


1. Islam is the official religion in Palestine. Respect and sanctity of all other heavenly religions shall be maintained.
2. The principles of Islamic Shari’a shall be the main source of legislation.

So why, exactly, is a Jewish state (whose record of equal rights far surpasses those of any of the Arab nations) morally worse than the large number of Arab and Islamic states?

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  • Joanne

    Great post. Uh, just one thing: Iran is not an Arab country.

  • http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com Elder of Ziyon

    Yeah, I know, but as a critic of the “Jewish state” it seemed appropriate to include it.

    BTW, Syria’s constitution has tons of stuff specifically against “Zionism.”

  • David

    “So why, exactly, is a Jewish state (whose record of equal rights far surpasses those of any of the Arab nations) morally worse than the large number of Arab and Islamic states?”

    I know – because it’s Jewish! I’ll let you in on a secret: Arabs are racial supremacists, and Muslims are religious bigots. Hypocrisy and bigotry often go hand-in-hand; why should we expect anything different from the world’s most inveterate supremacists and bigots?

  • http://sharonlapaz.ilcannocchiale.it/ sharon

    great post, also my savior Ben Dror Yemini wrote it a few weeks ago on Maariv:

    חוצפה פלשתינית
    בן-דרור ימיני זועם על ההנהגה הפלשתינית שלא מוכנה להכיר בקיומה של מדינה יהודית

  • http://directorblue.blogspot.com Doug

    Excellent post. A graphic illustration of this dichotomy is the enlightened Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Joshua

    I’ll give Morocco and Algeria credit for realizing that not all the people within their borders are Arab (many consider themselves to be Berber, but not Arab).

  • http://www.jewgleperth.com Yisro

    Agreed – that would be because Jews aren’t supposed to stand on their feet. Seeing a happy Jew offends many people.

    For example: http://www.jewgleperth.com/?p=143

  • Jeff

    In the comments it was mentioned that Syria has anti-zionist stuff in their constitution. I saw the closing comments of the last Arab League conference, and the Lebanese PM(or maybe it was the prez) said it was unconstitutional to house Palestinians in the country.
    I’d like to find what he was referring too.
    And apparently, the most important issue going on in places like Somalia and the Sudan is Israel according to their leaders. I would’ve thought anarchy and insurgency’s would be on top.

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  • http://ar.globalvoicesonline.org/ Lucky.Syrian

    Whatever, who cares, you are the stranger, you are the occupation, you are the killer, you are the terrorist.

    Go back to your home, and let the Palestinian live.

    You want to make Israel a jewish state, a stupid state..no one cares.

    make it away of our land.

    you want to fuck, you want to live, you want to die.
    I don’t care….DIE away from us….LIVE away from us..

    until that, let’s see how long your wall of shame will stay.

  • http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/ Elder of Ziyon

    I wonder if Lucky Syrian subscribes to the idea of Greater Syria, where Palestine is a part of southern Syria.

  • Lucky.Syrian

    I wonder if you can figure out the relation of African Jewish to Palestine?
    What is the relation of Australian, who has been Isolated from the world all over the history, and just been Jewish to Palestine?

    Your names are not related to this land, you can’t live with this fact, don’t you?

    So you change the names of streets “Tel Aviv” is “Tel Rabie” the “Spring hill”, the names of foods, the names of trees, the name of culture, cause you can’t pronounce it, cause you are stranger, you knew it deep inside your heart, you know nothing about this land.

    Greater Syria, or Palestine.
    Be sure we will never forgive, we will never forget.

  • http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/ Elder of Ziyon

    Funny – I didn’t realize that “Hebron,” “Bethlehem,” “Jerusalem,” “Kiryat Arba,” “Acco,” “Bet El,” “Beersheva,” “Rehovot” and “Palestine” itself (not to mention “Syria”) are Arabic words.

    Could you do me a favor and also let me know how to say “falafel,” “pita” and “hummous?” I hate to mispronounce things.

    Thanks for enlightening me, LS!

  • Lucky.Syrian

    Well, you know now.

    Don’t get excited, The whole story is, either us, or you, no middle solution.
    Go Home, Go back to your land, leave it, or stay and defend it, we will see.

    I have nothing in person against you, I don’t care about you, or about your faith, who cares.

    I just want my land back, in peace, in war, it will be back.

  • http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/ Elder of Ziyon

    So, which part of Syria have you been displaced from? Must have been those evil Zionists who forced you to bravely move to California.

    Which explains why you call yourself “Lucky Syrian!”

    Dude, Israel isn’t going anywhere. You can accept that or you can whine about it for the next few centuries. It appears that you’ve already made your choice.

  • Jeff

    UN says, Syria occupying 2.x% of Lebanon. I forget the x number. 3 or 9 I think.
    But it evens out, since Turkey occupies portions of Syria.

    But don’t complain, look at what they do to kurds.


  • arab

    yea buddy good job
    u seem to have forgotten to mention the part were u slaughter the people who lived in palestine and take over a country that doesnt belong to you
    thats why arabs dont approove of isreal
    jews christains and muslims worship the same good
    im an arab muslim and i have n problems with jews
    isreal on the otherhand is a problem becuase simply it was build on bloodshed

  • Jan

    Whether or not the state of Israel is “Jewish” and whether that jewishness is defined to be a religious or an ethnical category, none of it changes the fact that Israel is an apartheid state.

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