Drug Libel II: The Stand


Israellycool reader and friend Dr Sam finally received a reply from ABC Australia regarding the David Hardaker drug libel against Israel (after almost 3 months without a response, Dr Sam finally received a reply within a few days of letting the ABC know that their libel had drawn “international attention,”with a link to this LGF entry).

From: ABC Corporate_Affairs8 [mailto:Corporate_Affairs8.ABC@abc.net.au] Sent: Friday, 25 January 2008 4:54 PM
To: drsam@xxxxxxxxx.com.au
Subject: Re: David Hardaker report

Dear Dr Sam

I refer to your emails of 17, 21 and 23 January, and your telephone
conversation with Kirstin McLiesh of 24 January.

As previously advised, the ABC is investigating your concerns in keeping with section 13 of our Editorial Policies. Consistent with our policies, the ABC does not provide details to a complainant of an investigation while it is in process; nor do we withdraw the report which is the subject of the complaint. However, in response to your query of 17 January, I can assure you that Mr Hardakerwas asked to provide feedback on the points you raised, and he has done so. However, Audience & Consumer Affairs, to properly and independently consider your complaint, has asked for further supporting material.

We are currently awaiting a copy of a report to help us with our investigation, which I understand was posted by Mr Hardaker the week ending 10 January, and we have yet to receive it. I am advised the report runs to some 90 pages, and that it was not practicable for Mr Hardaker to scan or fax the document.

Once again, I apologize for the long delay in responding to your complaint, and assure you that when we are in receipt of the information we require to conclude the investigation, it will be our first priority.

Yours sincerely

Denise Musto
Audience & Consumer Affairs

In her conversation with Dr Sam, Kirstin McLeish (the ABC Head of Consumer Affairs) confirmed that there is a 90-page document coming from the palestinian equivalent of the bureau of statistics that she says supports the ABC’s claims.

Oh, this should be good.

I cannot imagine what a 90-page document proving these claims looks like. Are there hundreds of signatures from Jews confessing to their crimes? Or – even better – photographs catching them in the act?

Watch this space for latest developments. Because the suspense must be killing you.

Update: Dr Sam has let me know that Kirsten McLeish had promised to email him today with an update but did not do this. I guess she must have been too busy getting through the 90 pages.

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