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I had never heard of Erykah Badu before this next story, and I hopefully won’t hear about her again.

Not unless the words “apologizes for being a huge jerk” appear next to her name.

You see, she seems to think that she is doing Israel a huge favor by gracing us with her presence.

erykah.jpgSporting a huge, billowing afro and a T-shirt with an anti-Iraq war slogan, Erykah Badu expressed her support of black leader Louis Farrakhan and the Palestinian cause Thursday before a crowd of Israeli fans and journalists in Tel Aviv.

The Grammy-award winning neo-soul vocalist, 36, is in Tel Aviv to perform on Saturday night. She has also won acclaim for her acting roles in Cider House Rules and House of D.

“I come from across the water bringing light and hope,” said Badu in her deep, languid voice. She commissioned a poster design especially for her visit to Israel, featuring a large hamsa, a traditional Middle Eastern good luck charm, that appears to be growing out of her hair. At the bottom, the words for peace in Hebrew and Arabic appear side by side.

However, Badu could not name any Israeli hip hop artists. She explained that she identified best with the Palestinians and their hip hop scene, saying that they are a part of her tribe of hip hop.

“They use (hip hop) as a form of liberation, as a form of pre-resistance, as a form of therapy,” Badu said.

Badu defended Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who has drawn fire over the years with pronouncements including praise for Hitler in a 1984 speech, for which he was censured by the U.S. Senate, repeatedly denouncing Israel and the Jewish people and calling the pretense for the war in Iraq a Zionist conspiracy.

The Anti-Defamation League, a leading Jewish group, has labeled Farrakhan’s statements bigoted and anti-Semitic. On its Web site, the ADL lists dozens of Farrakhan statements it considers anti-Semitic.

“(Farrakhan is) not an anti-Semite. He loves all people,” insisted Badu. Her next album, Nu AmErykah will be released February 26, the date of Savior’s Day, a main Nation of Islam holiday.

Niiiiice. Insult the hosts, and support people who murder them and hate them.

Bring back the Black Eyed Peas, I say.

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  • Joshua

    It sounds like Erykah Badu will share a cell with Roger Waters in Gehinnom.

  • hutchrun

    Another potential murderess. She should be running around with a bullet proof vest. She must have learnt sitting on Obama`s knees:

    Obama supports Palestinian state cutting Israel in half

    More controversially, Obama said he supported the division of Israel into at least two parts by a Palestinian state.

    The stunning comment came as Obama struggled to articulate his stance on key Mideast issues in dispute. “The right of return [to Israel] is something that is not an option in a literal sense,” Obama said, but then went on to say that “The Palestinians have a legitimate concern that a state have a contiguous coherent mass that would allow the state to function effectively.”

  • hutchrun

    For her there is no hope:

    Allah says in verse 10:26 that He will reward the doers of good with paradise and much more; their faces will be radiant stained. They will never be humiliated. Ibn Kathir’s interpretation of this verse says that there will be no blackness or darkness on their faces. In contrast, the faces of the non believers will be stained with dust, blackness, and darkness. On the Resurrection Day Allah will remove His veil and show His face to the dwellers of paradise. He will make the believers’ faces white. In verse 76:11 Allah repeats His promise that He will shed a light of beauty and joy over the believers.

    It is clear from the exegesis of the above verses that Allah likes white people, and distastes the black people, so much so, that even when a Black Muslim is entitled to enter Islamic Paradise he will not enter it until Allah has turned him into a white skinned person. Verse 20:102 says that on the day the trumpet is sounded (resurrection day), the sinners will be gathered together with blue eyes and black faces. A hadis in Mishkat (1.168) says that on the judgment day Muslims will have white faces, white arms, and white legs.

    Allah’s preference for light skinned people and His disdain for dark skinned people is repeated in verse 7:46. Ibn Abbas writes that this verse tells the joy of the believers when they know those who enter hell by their darkened faces and blue eyes, and those who enter Paradise by their lightened faces: at once handsome and radiant.

    Allah’s love for the white skinned people continues unabated. In verse 3:107 Allah emphatically pronounces that white faces on the judgment day will receive His mercy. Jalalyn explains this verse, writing that, on the judgement day Muslims’ faces will be white.

    Thus, the Qur’an confirms that the inmates of Islamic hell are blacks; the residents of Islamic paradise are whites.

  • http://wwwjackbenimble.blogspot.com/ Jack

    Another ignorant fool who only wants to see the world through her own tiny P.O.V.

  • hutchrun

    “Moonbat Blamethrower”

    Blame Bush!

    Blame Zionists and the Jews!

    Blame Conservatives and fundamentalist Christians!

    Blame the entire Western world!

    It’s all their fault for wrecking world peace / the environment / the economy / freedom / cultural tolerance / the Middle East / your sad excuse for a life as they conduct their Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of Ruling the World by Proxy or Sometimes Directly!

    But never, EVER blames yourselves – Liberal Moonbats, 9/11 Conspiracy Troofers, greensane envirokooks, disenfranchised ruler-oppressed freedom-deprived terrorists, Hamas-enslaved Palestinians… The saviours of the world!

  • http:singingforpleasure.tripod.com Lloyd Masel

    If we’re talking about ungracious guests, no better place to look than south of Australia. In the Antarctic. There it does get cold, never mind Jerusalem!

    A Japanese whaling vessel recently got up the noses of do-gooders called Greenpeace who chased them across the icey waters. Eventually, the greenies went overboard and pirated the Japanese vessel.

    “Leave the whales in the ocean,” they screamed.

    Caused a to-do in political circles. Trouble with the greenies is that they think by taking the law into their own hands they can save the world.

    Reminds me of some of the criticisms Australians used to level at the Green Movement.

    “Peace, love and brown rice.”
    “Let them go out a get a decent job.”
    “No more than hippies in green skirts.”

    Do the Greens really have a place in political circles. What about here in Israel?

    We need another minor political party like a symbolical bowl of pesticidal strawberries.

    Let’s form an anti-green movement and debate the matter in some depth.

    The media’ll luv it!

  • concerned

    perhaps she was ungracious but i don’t think you can sum up her or any human being based on one article – which, we can only accept as it is, because we don’t know how it’s been edited. it’s unfortunate that we’re such a fly by night society that makes rash judgments, statements, etc, without any real knowledge or research of our own.

  • Shy Guy

    it’s unfortunate that we’re such a fly by night society that makes rash judgments, statements, etc, without any real knowledge or research of our own.

    You should be applying that to the trash that is the subject of this piece.

  • concerned

    name calling is easy. putting labels on a person is easy. that’s what leads to hate, war and the same things that all those who are in attack mode supposedly are decrying. understanding a person is much more difficult.

  • abunafha

    understanding a person is much more difficult.
    first “a person” should try to understand the issue he/she is lecturing other people on, instead of patronizing.
    so typical of moonbats…

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