Meet the Hijacker


Meet the woman who hijacked an Air New Zealand flight demanding the pilots take her to Australia.


She’s a 33-year-old who’s originally from Somalia, and is apparently the first hijacker in history to threaten to bring down a plane by eating another tub of ice cream.

Well, actually, she threatened to blow up the plane by claiming she brought 2 bombs on board. And looking at her, I’m sure most people would have believed she was hiding something under her shirt.

She also managed to stab both pilots.

As blogger JammieWearingFool notes, most media outlets are reticent to reveal her name, although at least one has reported she is Asha Ali Abdille.

Hmmm. A Somalian with the name Asha Ali Abdille, who hijacked a plane.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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