Under Pressure


Introducing our latest weapon: Zionist Air Pressure.TM

The Islamic Jihad reiterated Tuesday that all events prove that an Israeli fighter bombarded a house the house on Friday in Al-Bureij Camp, south of Gaza, and killed 8 Palestinians, including children and women (they were responding to these findings – ed.).

In a press conference, held at RNA HQ in Gaza, Khaled Al-Btuch, an Islamic Jihad leader asserted that events and witnesses prove the responsibility of Israel of the massacre.

He mentioned that most of people were killed without any wounds, referring to the “air pressure” filled the area.

Al-Btuch screened a film, prepared by the Islamic Jihd, showing the huge destruction in Al-Bureij Camp and witnesses, physicians and HR activists who assert that the explosion was “not internal”.


Physicians and emergency teams pointed out that there were no injuries in the dead bodies which mean that they died of “air pressure”.

We are just so ingenious, we amaze even ourselves some times.

Update: The palestinians are using another term for it: Vacuum Bomb.

IOF Use Vacuum Bomb

Meanwhile the Gaza-based Palestine Information Center (PIC), quoting Palestinian security sources in Gaza, reported Sunday that IOF warplanes dropped a huge vacuum bomb on the home of Ayman Fayyed of the Islamic Jihad Movement on Friday night, which was used for the first time with such devastating effect.

Fayyad, his wife, three children and three neighbors were killed, more than fifty people wounded, including a 45-year-old civilian who was shot in the head according to Palestinian health officials, and seven houses completely destroyed and many others damaged by the bomb.

The sources on Saturday said that the big explosion, which was heard more than 20 kilometers away, and the horizontal destruction of nearby houses along with the internal wounds without any outside signs on the bodies of the casualties pointed to the new type of bomb used in this massacre.

The body of the one of the martyrs was found 150 meters away from the site of the bombing without carrying any superficial wounds but most of his internal parts were damaged as a result of the vacuum explosion.

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