Badass Bandana Guy

Not since Big Bicep Guy has there been such a photogenic terrorist.

Introducing Badass Bandana Guy.


Palestinian Fatah fighters secure an alley at the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp after night clashes between rival Palestinian groups in the camp at Sidon city, southern Lebanon, March 22, 2008. REUTERS/Ali Hashisho (LEBANON)


A Palestinian Fatah fighter stops journalists from entering an alley at the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp after night clashes between rival Palestinian groups in the camp at Sidon city in southern Lebanon March 22, 2008. REUTERS/Ali Hashisho (LEBANON)


Palestinians Fatah guerrillas stand guard in the Ein el-Hilweh camp on the outskirts of the southern port city of Sidon, Lebanon, Saturday, March 22, 2008. Guerrillas from the mainstream Fatah movement battled Islamic militants in a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon late Friday, Lebanese and Palestinian officials said. (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

He might look like Wesley Snipes, but I’m willing to bet he’s done a heck of a lot worse than tax fraud.

Note: The photographers responsible for these pictures – Ali Hashisho and Mohammed Zaatari – are the same ones responsible for the Big Bicep Guy series.

Just saying.

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  • lewH

    He looks sought of GAY!

  • steve87

    he might be in Fatah but I’m going to have to doubt his ‘palestinian’ credentials, a promising rap career awaits.

  • Danny Brothers

    He reminds me of David Walker Lynne (however you spell it). Seriously, isn’t this the guy that I always bumped into at 7-11? I think he likes Slurpees.

  • Paco from Sefarad

    How old are those “guerrillas” in the background?



    They’ll be described as “children” when they open fire and get slotted in return.

  • jusa

    We need the name and backstory of this “indigenous native Palestinian”.
    Recall the one story in the Lebanon war about Somalis fighting up there?

  • bubbe

    Pallywood gearing up for a sitcom or what?

  • CJrun

    Somali? I doubt it. He’s channeling the great Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls:

    And Chicago is the fine town where Obama’s church posted this pro-Hamas editorial: (see page 10).

    It would not surprise me at all if Bandana Guy is from Chicago.

  • jusa

    I was thinking he gives off a kindof cocky American vibe in the photos too. But then I remembered the Lebanon articles in ’06, and I’ve seen the shows and such with African militants with nice glasses and western sporty outfits. Maybe we can go by facial features.
    Or maybe we can marvel at how staged all those photos were.
    “give it me. Yea, that’s the look. now look tough. Give me Surprised. YES!”

  • haha

    hahaha he looks funny

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