Palestinian Protester of the Day

Can’t you just feel the rage?


A Palestinian protester eats an ice-cream and uses a sling shot at Israeli soldiers during a protest against Israel’s security fence in the West Bank village of Bilin April 4, 2008. REUTERS/Baz Ratner (WEST BANK)

And the popsicle of violence continues..

Update: Brian is also amused.

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What’s Missing? | Israellycool
15 August 2008 at 11:08am
[...] I’m sure the man in the foreground is just drinking. Kind of like Popsicle ...

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  • Dave Dessex

    Go Niners!!!

  • Rory

    Ice cream and NFL gear? That guy’s better dressed than I am – I thought they were “under siege”?

  • steve87

    Gotta respect multi-tasking.

    Apparently they can’t get basic foods, but Ice Cream, hey no problem!

  • Ben Hur

    It shows you that they know they won’t be shot.

  • Ben Hur

    And that they can suck like pros.

  • Jorge_Banner

    It’s a joke. It’s an industry. The pali swarm syndrome for the BBC, CNN and so many other, cameras. It’s all a joke. They’ve got the game pat down. And Israel keeps stalling, appeasing, apologizing and playing the nazlim game nice by them. You know, much as one loves Israel, it’s getting to be one of those occasions when you see someone you love go down and you know, much as you love them, that they’ve got it coming to them. You can’t go around with a sign in big block letters that says “please, kill me, I like it”. And every time you get shot at go “oooooh . . . yeaaaaaah . . . moooooore . . . I like it”. You can’t.

  • vapig

    Why couldn’t it have been a Cowboy’s jacket?

  • shaun.spain

    and Reuters brings you…
    the Calippo rioter

  • jusa

    How much did you think this poor, penniless, oppressed indigenous arab pay for that jacket? Ignoring if it was stolen or smuggled. Those things are NOT cheap in the USA!
    San Francisco, liberal bastion of the USA. The city where a group wanted to tear down Alcatraz and replace it with a “global peace center”. I bet a “peace” group gave it to him for free possibly.

  • Lynne

    Why assume that the protestor is Palestinian? Aren’t there a number of “peace” organizations like the ISM bringing European and American supporters over all the time?

  • ron

    What does it matter that this thug is eating an ice cream? Does no one else realize that using stones/slingshots used to be the way people would go to war? If this person was attacking a soldier using a 15th century sword, would that be acceptable? Just because he is using an inefficient weapon doesn’t mean he is not using a weapon!

    That fool should be shot on sight!

    This reminds me of the midrash where Elazar (Avrahams servant) was visiting Sodom, and someone threw a rock at his head. When they went to the judge, the thug said “I am a doctor and I was letting out blood to heal him. Not only should I not be penalized, but Elazar should pay me!” The judge agreed. Immediately, Elazar grabbed a rock and threw it at the head of the judge. He said “I too am a physician, take the fee you owe to me and give it to the first man!”

    How would the media outlets of the world respond if we would gather outside their offices and slung rocks at them? They would call the police! And if we continued to throw rocks at the police? They would open fire of course! So why should we be any different? Why must we be subjected to this savage behavior? Because the savages are too incompetent to use better tools? To hell with that! And to hell with them!


  • Jorge_Banner

    eurabians have had two thousand years of getting used to making Jews bleed with impunity. “For most Europeans, the capacity of Jews to survive is terrifying. We are like a living testimony of their original guilt. By accusing us of evil behavior, they believe they are able to cleanse themselves of their sins towards our People. After all, if we are evil, everything done to us in the past was justified and they don’t have to feel guilty for it. And, if we are evil, why should we have the right to defend ourselves?” (Pierre Rehov)

    Forget eurabians. Throw ALL arabs out of Israel. Kill a thousand arabs for every Jew hurt.

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