Still Blaming Israel

Despite the fact that the IDF investigated today’s deaths in Gaza and found that the explosion was caused after palestinian terrorists carrying large bags (presumably filled with ammunition) were shot, and despite the fact that AP were aware of this and actually changed their headline and report to reflect this (as I blogged here), they are still running pictures with the following caption:

An Israeli tank shell fired during a clash with Palestinian gunmen tore into a tiny Gaza Strip home on Monday, Palestinian officials said, killing a Palestinian woman and four of her children and threatening efforts to arrange a truce between the warring sides.

No presentation of the IDF version of events, and bonus chutzpah points for mentioning Hamas’ so-called efforts to arrange a truce.

Meanwhile, Reuters are still not even reporting the IDF version.

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  • Carol Herman

    Writing from America, just remember General Fraser “came and went.”

    It seems, even though it hasn’t shown up in the news, that Bush has given up on any movement to a 2-stater solution.

    Meanwhile, the press goes on and on with its lies.

    Sure. It’s big enough to make these corporate decisions. But their business stinks. What’s Reuter’s and the AP gonna do when the NY Times has to close its doors? And, CBS gives up its news division.

    You can’t sell this crap to “reality TV.” Because it contains no reality.

    I have a feeling as the Titanic “slid” close to the iceberg, it was all rather quiet out there. Only after the ship “went verticle” and broke apart … did the sounds fill the night air.

    You want sounds for the crap that flows out of gaza? HELLO. Most everybody went home.

    As to Irak, here you have a war. With knowledge that “war stories” have been big since HOMER! That through the eons they carry weight. (No history, folks, of the good times!) That’s just some jazz score.

    We live in a world where war stories were best sellers in their time, and beyond.

    And, it’s here that the left’s journalists are bleeding to death. What hit ‘em? Oh, yes. They still have big school loans to pay off. But their output doesn’t sell.

    STOP. You no longer have to wonder why. They’ve been looking at the stories through the wrong end. You could call it “Boinking the donkey,” so to speak. And, you’ve got to be pretty weird to enjoy something like that.

    Ya know the nice thing? One group’s gone insane; but most of the population remains moderate.

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