A Disturbance in the Force

Leia? Looks like he did.

What would Chewbacca say? Hollywood legend Carrie Fisher reveals she got up close with Harrison Ford while filming the iconic Star Wars movies.

The 51-year-old actress is still best known for impressing millions of teenage boys with her buns as Princess Leia.

Now, after decades of rumours, she finally spills the beans on her relationship with ever-hunky Harrison, 63, who played Han Solo.

She tells Justin Lee Collins in new C4 show Bring Back . . . Star Wars: “I went on the film saying ‘I’m going to have an affair’, like it was a kiwi, an exotic fruit — because I’d never had one!”

She adds: “I had a crush on Harrison for sure. Harrison is great fun when he’s had a few drinks.”

Shaking her head and saying: “I’m going to get in so much trouble,” she adds: “Once I left the room and came back and he was in the closet not wearing a lot of clothes.”

At least there was no wookie involved. As far as we know.

Meanwhile, I’m never going to be able to watch those movies in the same light again.

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01 May 2008 at 12:05pm
[...] with Harrison Ford while filming the iconic Star Wars movies. The 51-year-old ...

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  • Carol Herman

    For the record, Fisher’s dad, Eddie Fisher, destroyed his own career, because he was addicted to drugs. And, was known as a human who was always “higher than a kite.”

    Then, why mix up a movie, with real people? You thought Hollywood “lived the fantasies of their movies; or the fantasies of their minds?

    While Carrie Fisher did hook up with Paul Simon, a very talented singer/writer. You’d think that if they produced babies; they’d have won some DNA contest. Meanwhile, as short as Paul Simon is, he wasn’t faithful. And, Carrie Fish wrung a whole book out of her sneaking into his closet. And, then having him come home. Not that she kept it secret. As I said, she’s a funny writer. And, these “sexscapades” enrich her stories.

    So she had sex with a drunken Harrison Ford. Whoopie.

    The best part of those relationships is BREAKING UP. Heck, you’ve even heard it sung in song!

  • noname

    Dude, that link ain’t work safe.

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