Islam Online’s Online Holocaust Museum

Islam Online has established an online Holocaust Museum – a palestinian one, that is.

Replete with black and white photos of palestinian children “martyrs” , it is an enormous insult to the real Holocaust victims.


The front page currently shows particularly gruesome photos of the palestinian children killed a few days ago, likely by explosives carried by their terrorist brethren.

Here’s the joke:

General Policies:

Balanced approach: adopting the middle ground of Islam, avoiding extremism or negligence, rejecting deviant or eccentric opinions.

Objective treatment: striving for accuracy, adopting neutrality and avoiding pre-judgments and preconceptions.

Moral approach: avoiding slander or praise of individuals, groups or states, avoiding propaganda and sensationalism, or provocation and incitement.

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  • Kae Gregory

    I could say something bitingly sarcastic about the Edomite holocaust but my heart is just not in it. I think I’ll just read Obadiah instead.

  • Carol Herman

    Gee, how often have we heard muslims say “the Holocaust never happened.” But, here they go and invent a museum, just so they can display stuff they hero-worship?

    Well, then? What’s amiss?

    My guess? I think they really believe there was a Holocaust. And, they also believe the Israelis are very strong.

    And, to the point? Didn’t Hamas just brag they’ve got 200,000 suicide bombers “ready to go.”

    In other words, body parts isn’t anything new to these people.

    Nor is LYING.

    And, I’m still convinced that most people learn early in life that lying does them no good at all. So lots of people then become skeptical. Yes. Even arabs. So they’re not taught about Pinocchio. As a matter of fact, they are taught that lying is part of their culture.

    And, then, when some of their members fall down dead, because of their own propensities for terror … What do they do? They take real money to build these false fronts. Put a camera in front of this crap, and you have hollywood.

    How come, in gazoo, they’re without fuel … We’re told people are “getting desperate” … But, here? A museum sprouts up. Do you know why? They’ve got to entrain their journalists; who aren’t allowed to drink on the job.
    When you compare terrorists behavior patterns, culture to culture; what shows up is that “just like the American indians, who kept ripping up the telegraph wires … so they could use this on their bows … from which they shot a “never-ending” supply of arrows … It never did dawn on those people that what they were stealing had a useful application. Nope. It just escaped notice.

    Here? If you think this crap has impact, you’d be wrong. It’s up there with trying to teach your rectum to speak; because when you fart, you make sounds.

    You think Disney needs a franchise to click just how many people flock through their gates? Ya know. I think not. I genuinely think this “museum” would be a grownup’s waste of time.

    Could be, this group is just dumber than the germans.

  • kobi

    a picture of one of the child “holocaust victims” in the black and white photo montage (the baby wearing a cap) is in fact a cropped version of a famous image of a palestinian kid posed by his loving, responsible parents with a pistol and assault rifle. NOT a “shahid” (as if the truth has ever mattered to these beasts).

  • Carol Herman

    Taking photos began around the 1850’s. That’s why we have images of Lincoln.

    I’m not sure when newspapers added photos to their front pages, however. Still, I’d guess this came “late.” To boost circulation. At a time when the daily papers were printed more than once a day. And, “STOP THE PRESSES” entered the lexicon.

    Of course, advertising dollars were spent on picture glamour-ification. To sell merchandise. So the results could be measured.

    Here? It seems to me the palestinians are in some sort of “leg race competition” … where they watch Israel and “think” … Wow, they can defeat Israel if they just get a handle on the right propaganda. (Well? The Nazis began to lose in 1942. And, there, too, they decided, telling the truth would only hurt them. And, make people admit that the lunatics were in charge of the assylum.) So, today, there are plenty of examples of propaganda to look at. Most of it didn’t work at all!

    Because lots of advertising failed to motivate people into becoming customers.

    Is this phenomenon hidden, now? Because people view things in the privacy of their own homes and offices? Well, I think not.

    I think the arabs are besides themselves, making their rages even worse! That’s why someone will fund a “museum” that doesn’t feed people. Doesn’t even give one arab a job to work the ticket booth. In other words? This feeds nobody. And, yes. It stinks.

    Even all the photo manipulations take “off the shelf” products NOT MADE BY ARABS! To photo-chop this, and photo-chop that. Maybe, you could walk away and realize they can’t even do a museum as anything more than an act of envy.

    Now why would they envy, here? Because the germans taught them “good.” Except that the germans also went down the toilet.

    Will people some day notice that Israel, following the Holocaust, recovered; and then some. While the european anti-semites squandered so much in the name of adopting if not fascism, then marx? We’re supposed to learn from the mistakes of others.

    When you see that such is not the case, you can infer that failures loom. Sure. The arabs are still screaming. But what have they built?

    Every single piece of technology is imported from others. In my book, whole swaths of tribes not even smart enough to invent a box camera! Let alone to be stuck so hard in the past!

    Oh, and they’re taking the left-wing journalists down with them, too. Odd how “unintended consequences’ really, really works out.

  • David

    I knew I recogized the face of the baby on the far right from somewhere:

    I guess it’s no greater a lie to say that the kid was martyred than to say there was a “palestinian” holocaust…

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