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Quote of the Day

"It seems to me that, today, it can be stated confidently -- and not, God forbid, arrogantly -- that the Israeli people has a...

Muslims in Support of the Pig

Bring out the flying pig who, incidentally, has unexpected support. A new Muslim organization is coming out with a highly untraditional campaign, demanding better care...

A Palestinian Invention

The palestinian WAFA news agency reports on a new palestinian invention. A Palestinian female youth from Hebron city town of Bany Neim managed in developing...

Quote of the Day

"I don’t know what our government does except put us into debt and blow up other countries." - Madonna

Reuters: Hamas Poster Boy

Yet more Reuters bias:* A Palestinian man takes down an anti-Israel Hamas poster after a rally in Gaza, March 4, 2008. Israel dismissed on Friday...

Revealing the UNRWA’s True Colors

I mentioned on Wednesday in my blog that the UNRWA in the West Bank went on a planned 3 day strike - stopping food...

Today’s Terrorist Attacks

A day after US President George Bush expressed his confidence in the creation of a palestinian state, palestinian terrorists expressed their confidence that terrorism...

US Court to Wesley Snipes: Go Directly to Jail

Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes has learned the hard way that crime does not pay, even if you are famous and filthy rich. Wesley Snipes called...

Gillerman on Carter

You should know by now that when Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman opens his mouth, he invariably makes sense and sounds good in doing...

Israeli Actress Hits Big Time

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer has landed a starring role in Angels & Demons, opposite Tom Hanks. Ayelet Zurer has landed the coveted role of Vittoria...

Hairstyle Man 5: As Angry As Ever

Our favorite palestinian protester is back - with a new shirt, but an old hairstyle. "Yeah, so I've gone back to a goatee. You...

The Trouble With Vader

Guess who got Sith-faced drunk and ended up on the dark wrong side of the (police) force? A man posing as Darth Vader attacked a...

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