The Beheadmaster

It would seem that the UN does not just employ people who are either friendly with terrorists or sh*t-scared of them. They also employ the terrorists themselves.

One person was killed and three were wounded Wednesday in an Israeli airstrike targeting a metal shop in Rafah, according to Palestinian security and medical sources.

Israel Defense Forces confirmed the airstrike.

The person killed was the deputy commander of the Islamic Jihad military wing, according to the Palestinian sources, who said he also served as a school headmaster at a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school.

What’s the bet they’re using PA textbooks at that school?

And what’s UNRWA’s response to this?

UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunnes said he could not immediately confirm that the person was employed by the United Nations, and added that staff members who bring politics into U.N. institutions are fired immediately for violating staff rules.

Because we all know the politics is the problem here, and not the fact he was a freakin’ terrorist.

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  • Carol Herman

    There are at least 140 nations within the UN group, that are based on dictatorships; and not democracy.

    The UN does not spread democracy! Why not? Because it’s solid as a rock. You can’t spread it. And, just “wanting it” while remaining weak, doesn’t do a person a lot of good, either.

    Old discussion. Consolidated once in Machiavelli’s “The Prince.” He did not talk about republics. He talked only to those “new heads of state” who got there because they “arrived at the top.” Usually, through warring away enemies.

    Machiavelli also didn’t talk about OLD forms of government; where thrones were inherited. Didn’t need to. Because they were already STABLE. Instead? Well, like the UN, he discusses “staying in power” with a bunch of newcomers.

    Worst forms of government? Monarchies, and dictatorships. No freedoms, there, for citizens, who labor under the colors of a country’s flag.

    Oh, and VERY UNSTABLE. The whole idea for Machiavelli was in telling the “prince” how not to lose his head;

    So, the UN doesn’t impress me very much.

    Future generations, an eon from now, will look back at the American Constitution “as the best in the business.” But all governments need leadership who can tell the difference between the fluff of journalism; and the real power brokering that goes on. Sure. The same way a whore house knows about sex.

    Now, what’s been held at bay has been a conflagration on the order of a world war. Instead? Road accidents and skirmishes;

    As there are still lots of wild indians out there, without a clue on how peaceful co-existence works.

    While in Somalia, the Jerusalem Post is reporting an air strike that took out the Al-Qiada leadership, and his brother. That comes from Israel’s solution bag. It does, too!

    If there was a casino around, where we could go in and bet outcomes, I’d bet that the NATO forces, for instance, up in Southern Lebanon, get killed by the hands of Nasrallah’s folks. Because they are “just in the way.” And, ineffective.

    The UN remains part of a diplomatic problem. But that was always true. No matter what particular time in history you care to look at. Diplomatic problems abounded … just as the UN also deals with a conglomeration of languages; since diplomats don’t always talk the same language, either. HOWEVER, the world’s language base is shrinking. Thousands of individual tongues are no more. Why not? Because of the way the world works. To pass things on, you need to teach the children. What’s not picked up when kids are at play, are gone pronto. Disappearing in one generation.

    Yiddish did that. And, so did the Catholic Church lose the base that once made them the primadonnas of various European courts. Heck, they even were able to flex muscle in America.

    Do things change?

    Yes. They do. Here, again, from history. The First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, way back. The way Judaism was practiced absolutely changed! How do I know? I know we don’t practice animal slaughter. I know we don’t depend on priests, born to a tribe, to control temple politics. Today, that’s a whole other ball game.

    So, what? So the UN isn’t functioning as an entity beyond just diplomatic pants dancing. They perform like tap dancers wearing roller skates. Seen one. Seen ‘em all.

  • Carol Herman

    Let me step off base for a minute. Because the democratic party, here in the States, looks to be doing with Obama, a repeat of what it did when Joe Lieberman was running for his senate seat, back in 2006.

    In other words? Here’s a prediction. Hillary won’t be the democratic nominee. The party has gone way to the left. But she will run. And, it is my prediction that she will run as an INDEPENDENT.

    In other words? All forms of “party politics” can change quickly. And, we may be on the cusp of a “big one.”

    Or not.

    Just a prediction. If the democratic party ends up with Obama, then, like the Connecticut democratic party, they end up backing someone who is not elected to office.

    Abraham Lincoln, let me remind you, was in 4th place, going into the Republican Convention of 1860. But on the 1st night the printers had not delivered the ballots. And, overnight, it became obvious that the 3 front runners, without national recognition, could not win.

    That’s how the nomination fell to the Republicans. And, that was how the first republican entered the White House.

    History sure does set out examples of “change.” But it’s like reading tea leaves, when you try to guess what’s gonna happen, t’marra.

  • steve87

    Is it me or are people getting less concise around here?
    Some nice points, although I have to say the reference to the 1860 republican convention caught me off guard.

    I always love the way the UN have perfected the “who, us?” response.
    I’m sure they made sure he wasn’t a terrorist by making him sign a declaration to that effect. Made sure he didn’t know who Islamic Jihad were, hell they probably even checked to see if he could spell ‘bomb’ or not. With such stringent checks how could they possibly have known?

    It’s a wonder then that Israel were so easily able to find out. Without the IDF he would have been finishing up work, going home to slip on a clean balaclava, beating his wife goodbye and then going out with his finest kalashnikov to hunt those pesky jews like an Arabic Elmer fudd.
    The IDF did good.

    How many people are being put at risk by the UNs failures?

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