The Many Faces of Ehud Olmert Part 4

Guess the look:



Olmert’s Idiot Look

Olmert’s Idiot Look

Olmert’s Idiot Look

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  • Carol Herman

    No surprises when the media co-ops the microphones. And, the judiciary works overtime, to toss out politicians who “aren’t the right color.” This is what stinks to the high heavens.

    I wish Olmert good luck. Bill Clinton got it. Because he wasn’t un-done by Monica Lewinsky.

    Innuendo enrages the mob. And, if you want to call that “democracy” good luck.

    So far? Olmert beat Winograd. Who “forgot” to interview anyone in Israel about the pressures that were coming at Olmert from Bush’s white house.

    There are always LIES.

    Today? Give the prize to Ralph Peters. Who covers for the Saud’s. With a piece that states the Saud’s “didn’t want Saddam’s head on a platter.”

    Okay. So Ralph Peters ignores 9/11. Ignores the fact that the Saud’s have been trying to become the new leaders of all the arabs in the Mideast.

    Actually, the story gets interesting when you discover that the Saud’s didn’t get what they wanted.

    And, Bush, who advertised the Saud’s plan, to make the 2-state solution go down the track like medicine. Where the “oompa band” played “It’s Good For You.” Should’a noticed just what failed.

    Condi Rice? Failed.

    Bush’s hopes for Riyadh? No “Mission Accomplished” there.

    Heck, a book first came out recently: RAID ON THE SUN. By Rodger Claire. It deals in depth with Israel’s raid on Osirak. Back in 1981. When, if you can’t remember this: Haig, Jeane Kirpatrick, and Ronald Reagan, all piled on. Accusing Israel of a terrible crime.

    Don’t trust the crap you read. Like lines in a play, they get re-written all of the time.

    While, WHEW! The Saud’s LOST their gambit. But have raised the price of a barrel of oil, to get the price of gas, here in the states, to go beyond $4 per gallon. More cash for them! Where does the cash come from? To boost the economy, Bush just had the government send out $500 and $600 checks to EVERY taxpayer! As soon as those checks began arriving, the Saud’s pockets began filling. Because most people don’t even have the money to afford the hike in prices.

    Meanwhile, for the unintended consequences, traffic is LIGHTER! At least a 10% decrease in the number of cars on the road!

    Ya know, the pickle? When your economy is in trouble, and people suddenly don’t have the money, out the window goes a lot of businesses that depend on traffic.

    Not that the Saud’s care. They’re cleaning up! And, they’re pretty sure they can buy any country’s politicians lock, stock and barrel. While in Israel? The game’s different. The old Labor war horse, that created the legal monster, works overtime to put politicians in jail. Or to threaten to do so. So that they get INNOCENT PEOPLE to step down! While the crowds roar.

    Someday, the truth will come.

    Yes. Thank goodness it’s Olmert! And, not Shimon Perez. Thank goodness that Ehud Barak got rehabilitated. Not that the idiots in Labor are any better than the democraps in American politics. They’ll get played like a fiddle.

    And, if Bibi had brains? He’d have fought for seats IN government! Instead of letting the right wing nutters (Shas), take hold of so many prizes.

    Right and left, you’re getting screwed. But it’s not Olmert’s fault. To make a working government, he needs to make deals.

    But there’s hope. All the Saud’s deals, ahead, may not amount to much. And, when you’re reading stuff? Everyone has an agenda. Including Ralph Peters.

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