Reasons to Love Israel #467

Today is Yom Hazikaron (Remembrance Day) in Israel, the day on which Israelis remember and pay respect to those who gave their lives for Israel, namely 22,437 soldiers and terror victims.

At 11AM this morning, a 2-minute siren wailed and Israelis stood silently and remembered the fallen. While I was on the other side of the globe this year, I can tell you it is an unbelievable experience and something I am so proud of as an Israeli.

To fathom what it is like to have a country stop for 2 minutes and pay respects to its fallen, here is a video taken this morning in a town in central Israel.

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  • thud

    My thanks to Israel for fighting those who wish us harm whilst our govts are to afraid to do so…long may she flourish.

  • steve87

    I live in the UK at the moment and a lot of people just ignore their rememberance day, nobody stops, nobody reflects, nothing, but they are willing to condemn people at war around the world without even spending the two minutes alotted per year to reflect on it.
    Thats Crazy. It’s this stance where they don’t value the military and where they think it is better to be dead than to fight for your life that leads to complacency and eventually to them being soft targets.

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