Suggestion For Olmert

Yes, I’m aware it is part of Intel’s slogan, but the fact that only some of it is showing leads me to believe that this is another example of a subliminal message for Olmert.


Ok, maybe not so subliminal.

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  • Carol Herman

    Just like the Punch and Judy Show, this harping on Olmert is very tiresome. It’s obvious there’s stength left in the LIKUD, ONLY when it goes in for these tricks.

    Heck, Bibi could’a gotten a slot in Olmert’s government, but chose to run this way. Because Bibi is basically NUTS.

    So, you have a Knesset that you can’t run, until you seat 60 hungry ministers; who got there by the ballot.

    Bibi? I think he thought Olmert would be kaput. But he was playing with a professional politician. One who understood, for instance, the likes of Avigdor Lieberman; “nicht a mensh.” And, then? Shas. Which is cleaning up at the table.

    That the Pensioners are in an uproar? You thought they’d be back? Like Shinui. Old men who’ve worn out their welcome.

    Sure. Nobody backs Olmert, unless they have to, for political survival. For this you can thank Ben-Gurion. Who thought long and hard about democracy; but preferred Marx. And, opted for the British system.

    In AMerica, once you win, you get the jackpot. No need to go to the fringes to make deals. Though the Right has pretty much changed the flavor of the Federal Supreme Court. And, up ahead? Much more so. Most people? What do they care?

    Keep in mind most people don’t run across needing the Supreme Court’s wisdom (in America), on any single day.

    Just as Olmert functions with the incompetents in government. Why such a fight? Well, against the odds, Arik Sharon not only won; he was charismatic. So, when he got angry at LIKUD, he plunged them into dispair.

    And, now you’re trying to retrieve one mistake after another? Blame Bibi. The whole political situation in Israel would have been different, IF he could have worked with others.

    Meanwhile? Here in America, the Saud’s have pumped up the price of gas, where there are now fewer cars on the road. People just can’t afford to fill their tanks, except for work and emergencies.\

    What’s the purpose of the Saud’s blackmail? To shake up Bush. But he’s holding. This is good for Israel. But oil prices going up? The Saud’s weapon of choice. (Where the truth is, they can’t deliver “off shore” without the American Navy.) But they spit on America!

    No I have no idea of there are prices to pay.

    While in Israel the old game of “gotcha” comes about when an AMerican … who gave money out his ying-yang to LIKUD politicians; brought his receipts (from the 1990’s), with him when he visited Israel for Passach.

    I hope Olmert survives this media-enspired circus. You have still to deal with what they did to Katzav. Who raped NOBODY. But if you don’t have the strength to survive headlines. AND, police hanky panky. As well as Mazuz’ hanky panky, what can I tell you?

    Winograd, by the way, was a BUST.

  • Carol Herman

    It’s worth adding that Olmert says he’ll resign if he’s indicted.

    In other words? He’s upped the ante.

    All Israeli politicians seek funds to run. Running for office costs a lost of money! And, money must be raised.

    Yes. American Jews participate. And, yes, too. This put Arik Sharon’s son, Omri, in jail. EVEN THOUGH EVERY POLITICIAN THAT CAN: DOES.

    So, there ya go.

    IF the police indict? It means they can prove Olmert took a “bribe.” And, not donations from strangers, that brought funds to the Likud.

    This American guy? I’m sure he’s as deeply invested in Israeli politics as ever. And, Bibi is DESPERATE! Because no matter the tricks that get used, Olmert stays in the prime minister’ seat.

    Yes. Olmert won it fair and square.

    ANd, yes. Bibi is an idiot for his unwillingness to cooperate; and bring the Likud on board the Kadima win.

    Why not?

    Because the real thieves are in the den of Likud’s “committee.” And, they really did manage to frost off Arik Sharon.

    Is it easy not to like Olmert? Well, you’re hanging your hats on the fact that he lacks charisma. As if Shimon Peres, Menachem Begin, Eshkol, or Shamir, ever had charisma. Instead? You could count on them being short.

    And, Israeli politics? An insider’s game. Where you “get influence” when the prime minister needs seated ministers to glue his factions together.

    Bibi interferes. But he’s nowhere nearly as good as Shimon Peres, in his “finest hours” of leaking to the press like a sieve.

    Anyway, Olmert has just said “if indicted, he resigns.”

    Not just: Put up or shut up. But forcing the police into a corner. To find “something” that’s not just the same as politics. Where you must get money from strangers to stay in any given race.

    A farce following Winograd. How cute. You still in love with Bibi?

  • Aussie Dave


    I am not harping on Olmert, but I’m certainly not forcing you to read my blog.

    And for the record, Olmert is the worst Prime Minister Israel ever had. Deal with it.

  • Shy Guy

    Dave, just please don’t post any cute pics of Olmert at the age of 2 weeks.


  • Aussie Dave

    Shy Guy,

    You have my word.

    Unless, of course, I find such pics, and there is a Separated at Birth just crying out :)

  • Carol Herman

    Dear Dave,

    Ollmert’s being given a media railroading. Yes, it’s true you don’t like him. And, many people who are stuck on Bibi, or in the Likud, hate his guts.

    What’s “different,” is that once elected, it would have been nice to let him do his job. Instead of using media representatives to tear at him. For what? Taking money from donors while running for political positions? COme on, now. Every single politicians does this. Try “in America.”

    It’s not good for a country, when an election produces results, and then you get this “interference.” That’s why, in the AMerican system, the Founding Fathers produced the US Constitution. This creates 3 powerful sections of government. And, for the record, when you’re elected to the White House; or to any legislative position, it’s WINNER TAKES ALL.

    Walking into the White House, with less than the popular vote; but a big questionable uproar from Florida’s Electoral College representatives; this was solved by the Supreme Court. And, Bush walked in, able to use the powers of the President. He hasn’t worked one day “on being liked.”

    This time for Olmert? Well, just like Katsav. Where if you knew more about the woman making the accusations, you’d see he was railroaded …

    You’d also see this tripe flowed against Olmert, before. And, yes. Omri, Arik SHaron’s son, was sent to prison. Over something as normal as covering one’s political debts.

    Talansky, by the way, holds a grudge. He got involved with the Israeli IMAGE-SAT. And, when Israel turned down selling pictures (from space), to some South American “friend of Iran,” he lost money. And, he’s made as all get out. And, oh. He only supported Olmert when Olmert was a LIKUD politician.

    Now, making fun of politicians is very old hat. Few have escaped it. Heck, even Ronald Raegan got plenty of bad press. But he had a twinkle in his eye; and he shrugged. “Doesn’t matter what people say. The only thing that counts are the pictures.” So, during Reagan’s time we saw a political invention in the White House supplying the media with their visuals.

    People will learn, ahead, no matter what happens.

    But early elections? Seems the seated ministers don’t want to deal with that! It’s expensive. And, they already have their elected seats. Which is the only power that keeps the equilibrium.

  • Carol Herman

    YOu know, David, the “prize” goes to Eshkol. Israel’s had lots of elections, now, under it’s belt.

    If Ben Gurion could have gotten his way, there would be only one party: MAPAI. Busted up. You got Labor. Then you got Golda Meir. Unprepared, and with her pants down, in 1973.

    Add to the tzuris, that in America, the arabs OWN Washington, DC. They own the State Department. Much of academia. And, the Pentagon, too. Yes. You’re dealing with anti-Semitism. AT. THE. TOP.

    So, while you think Olmert’s the worst, ever. I think he knows how to deal with this terrible monster; where you can’t use force. Just a lot of diplomatic pants dancing.

    Meanwhile, Nasrallah is shaking things up in Beirut. And, into Lebanon. Jumblatt and Hariri are under house arrest. And, the guy who heads the military told Siniora, he was going to tell the army to go back to their barracks. Now, that’s a country with a problem!

    By comparison, Olmert’s problems are bupkis.

    Thanks for letting me post to your blog.

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