Another Failed Palestinian Resignation Attempt?

Yesterday, it was reported that PA President Mahmoud Abbas had threatened to resign if he does not reach a peace settlement with Israel by the end of the year.

Today, the palestinians are denying it.

Palestinian Presidential spokesperson Nabil Abu Rdeineh denied reports on Monday that President Mahmoud Abbas plans to resign if a final agreement is not reached in negotiations with Israel within six months.

Speaking to the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa, Abu Rdeineh said the report, published in Israeli media on Sunday, that Abbas had told Israeli Knesset member Yossi Beilin about his threatened resignation, was false.

Abu Rdeineh said ” President Abbas would continue exerting efforts to achieve the dream of the Palestinian people in establishing the independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

The PLO’s chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, also said that Abbas is committed to reaching a peace agreement with Israel by the end of 2008.

“In case of failure to achieve this goal, he will weigh his options then, not now,” Erekat added.

Either the palestinians are lying or Abbas realized that palestinian ministers have about as much trouble resigning as they do renouncing terror.

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  • busywolf

    Abbas must have gained some insight into the devastating effect of his resignation on mankind. I mean the human species may survive hunger, wars, disease, but Abu-Mazen resigning? That must surely mean an irrecuperable loss to humanity. Thank you, Abu-Mazen, for sparing us the anguish of your resignation. Don’t ever consider it again!

    Need I add sarc?

  • Carol Herman

    History isn’t written in an hour.

    And, current events, which will be a source from which history will eventually emerge; means that up ahead the analysis gets corrected. And, in the mess you will see Americans, shifted into high places, like Dulles, under Eisenhower, who had it in for the Jews.

    Can’t say they were successful. Though, yes, the “fabric changed.” Today’s Americans, for instance, don’t give a darn about Irak. It’s not within our youth culture to care. While you could guess that the arabs, like the feminists, fascists, and others on college campuses, have basically BOMBED.

    I kid you not! Failures make for interesting times.

    This Bush? What will be said, ahead? First off. It will be recognized that his two terms in office were frought with bad decisions, and failures. He never made the sale, from the presidential pulpit, that the actions he was taking, benefitted America. Most people feel he just wasted time. And, treasure.

    And, politics in the USA, pretty much looks like politics in Israel. Where the system seems to support constant vying, and very little public service. In other words? Governments form. They come. And, they go. And, the only thing in the short-term that counts are the “gotcha points.”

    Analysis, however, will be far different than this.

    Perhaps, in the future, people will talk about Ehud Barak. Who resuscitated a dead political career, to sit in the Knesset, now. On this dancing bull of Olmert’s back. People count how long Olmert can stay seated. But don’t mention that Bibi decided to take a “time out.” Just to sit in the opposition.

    Since Bush was pre-determined to behave in ways you now see are STINK-O. And, you also know that “all his top guys” … which came into his administration through his dad’s door. All worked for Nixon.

    Nixon was a failure! And, none of the men whom he pulled into government learned a thing.

    Should give ya pause.

    Back in the 1980’s, Reagan played with a clown named Habib (I think). Who was a “macher” from Lebanon. No one even remembers this stuff, now.

    OH, while in Israel, Arbel, an idiot in a supreme court robe, for the time being; has a big hatred for Olmert. And, is not against using “da law” to try to drive him from office. (As if “envelopes” aren’t something you’d get at your own Bar Mitzvah.)

    Smells like the Likud is “up to something, no good.” But what can you do? Poltics is a very rough sport.

    And, what do you learn from Abbas? Heck, it can be just as rough on dictators, as on elected officials. But that it happens in different ways.

    Meawhile, for some reason, the press doesn’t want to talk about Lebanon, anymore. And, I wonder why? Nothing impedes the flow of “weeds” out’da the Bakakta Valley. And, then? No matter where you look there seems to be deficits running amok among ALL the arabs! Ya know? Their songs aren’t on the hit parade!

    While Bush was, indeed, a man of action. He sure did tamper with the Mideast map. Never quite bringing home to the saud’s, the presents they wanted.

    I can’t wait for this stuff to start getting discussed. (Or for a good farcical movie to come out of the nonsense that’s recently passed as “news.”)

    I mean, you’d get a scene from Beirut, of two groups firing into the air, to change the politicals winds. While a few top turds had their houses surrounded by thugs. Okay. It would need a good name. And, good names fall far short of the arabs. So it goes.

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