French Court of Appeals Gets it Right

It’s a good day for truth, justice and the American way with the French Court of Appeals overturning last year’s judgment against Philippe Karsenty (that’s him to the left of me in the picture), who was found liable for “insulting” France 2 TV and reporter Charles Enderlin, after he wrote an article claiming the Mohammed Al Durah clip broadcast by France 2 was a fraud.

There has been no blogger who has followed this as closely as my friend Richard Landes. This is what he had to say after the decision:

Now we get to see how the French (and Western) MSM handle this. It’s a stunning victory for Karsenty and loss for Enderlin and France2 who initiated this case when they didn’t have to.

In order for an appeals court to reverse a decision, they must have strong evidence to the contrary.

The fact that they did indicates that their written decision will be very critical of France2. The implications of this decision are immense.

Be sure to check out his blog for updates and further discussion on the decision.

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  • Carol Herman

    An interesting fact about TRUTH. It stays stuck up there, through thick and thin. No Holocaust yet (and the germans were “ingenious”) has ever destroyed it.

    Reading through this piece it did not immediately hit me that this was the story of the dad, with his ten year old, who was hiding behind some garbage cans … because in the palestinian universe; getting up close to gunfire is supposed to be the same as “going to Disneyland.”

    And, yes. This story got covered far and wide! So, it’s an interesting outcome. All these years later. After the French film was shown to be a hoax.

    Nah. No apologizes. The TRUTH doesn’t work that way!

    And, good to put two and two, together. And, realize you’re talking about the man who runs the Augean “blog.” I’ve seen that, before! Does this mean we actually live in a small, small world?

    You think your average Parisian, and Londoner, is just thrilled with the arabs? I think not.

    It’s an amazing thing what the Saud’s have been able to do with their money. Since 1974. And, business being business, no one has actually stopped them!

    I have no idea how this resolves. But UNSTABLE buildings are a menace when you get earthquakes. No matter how “stable they look” from the outside.

    This is true for the media, who’ve lost their grips on story lines.

    Ya know, in the summer of 2006, the media, siding against Israel, used fake photography to enhance what people saw.

    Then? Didn’t take long. You just had a repeat performance, in Beirut, of the trash burning up the streets. But the photographers stayed hidden. They feared for their lives!

    Lying, and getting caught, is about the best way to kill your industry. You think this stuff won’t be laughingstock, ahead?

    Then you don’t realize what happened in germany, when Patton’s boots fell on the bridge crossing the Rhine. And, the Americans couldn’t find one living nazi. They all just disappeared into the woodwork. Leaving germany very wormy, indeed.

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  • Carol Herman

    InstaPundit has this link UP and running! With the sly comment that “lawyers are now going to have a field day” … So? You could ask “Does Emil Zola, return?”

    Have the french stepped into it, again? No lessons learned from the Dryfus affair? Well, what would it take?

    And, yes! Glenn Reynolds notes that the English speaking press is Israel is also playing dead, on this one. But then he adds: THE INTERNET! The Internet will get to the root of this evil, just as they did with RATHERGATE! See? BS. Gone are the days when the boob tube meant your story would make the rounds.

    And, it is refreshing. Because? Well, laywers have to make their livings, too. And, when lawyers argue, they make sure that ‘logic’ gets to play a role, in all of that “mishigas.” Long Live Yiddish.

    How did a bunch of amateurs succeed? Well, it’s a NEW FRONTIER. Thanks to technology. And, teenagers, back in the 80’s, who dropped out of college, or never even went. But diddled around in their parents garages.

    If nothing else, the way stories can circulate, should bring you hope!

    And, Insta-Pundit! Need I point out what that means in terms of putting this story in front of people’s noses?

    By the way? For France. How did Sarcozy win? If it isn’t something based on the ways in which the popular votes, of voters, moves around? The media schmears. But the average Joe? In my book, you can can’t the votes. And, when people get mad, enough? You can’t even steal elections, anymore. (How does Sarcozy spell his name?)

  • Joshua

    The English-speaking press in Israel may be asleep at the switch, but I believe the story is one of the top links on the JPost website right now. Too bad the Syria mishegas that Olmert is trying to propagate bumped it down. Note to Shas: we get it, you’re just in it for the money and not for the people.

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