Gotta Love the Gillerman


He speaketh the truth (hat tip: Shy Guy)

Danny Gillerman, outgoing Ambassador to the United Nations, told the Israel-American Chamber of Commerce, that the U.N. can be “a crazy world.” He joked, “You know you’re in a crazy world when world’s greatest rapper is white, the world’s greatest golfer is black, the world’s greatest soldiers are Jewish, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the French accuse the Americans of being arrogant.”

Gillerman said he was proud as an Israeli when he appeared in the U.N. because he represented “a country that is far better than most member states of the U.N. with the possible exception of the United States.” He also noted that Muslims lead the world in violence and terror.

“Muslims are killing Muslims. When Christians kill Muslims, it’s the Crusades. When Jews kill Muslims it’s murder, and when Muslims kill Muslims, it’s like talking about the weather. Nobody really cares about it,” he said.

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