New Podcast: Obama’s Me Me Me Prayer

The latest edition of Shire Network News is up: Podcast goes to the Wall.

The feature interview is with Anne Franklin of Clintons for McCain. She says they want Barak Obama to lose this election, in order to clear the way for Hillary Clinton next time. They’re working overtime to defeat Obama in November.

Of interest to Israellycool readers, however is my blog news piece on Obama’s trip to the wall and the “stolen” or more accurately, cynically published prayer. Obama was a little bit to “me me me”. Something that Pamela at Atlas Shrugs jumped on.

Here’s part of what I said on the show:

But let us not forget Obama at the Western Wall (or Ha- Kotel to give it it’s Hebrew name). You may well have seen Obama trying to insert a note in the Wall and know that later, the very same note turned up, published in full in the Ma’ariv newspaper in Israel. Obama prayed for me, me, me….. more me’s than a thing with lots of me’s in it.

It’s now been confirmed by A Ma’ariv spokesman in the Jerusalem Post that “Barack Obama’s note was approved for publication in the international media even before he put in the Kotel, a short time after he wrote it at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.” The paper added that is was “pleased” with its “journalistic accomplishment.”

One of the most important central lessons of Judaism is to move away from personal fulfillment and toward what one can do for others. Judaism doesn’t regulate rights for the self, it lays down obligations toward others. One doesn’t live to make oneself happy: one lives to attain happiness through performing good deeds that make others happy. Jews say prayers for sick relatives or friends, and ask friends to do the same: they never say pray for me.

Obviously, Barack is not a Jew. Obviously Jesus was. I’m just saying.

That particular note of BHO’s so supremely violates all concepts of Jewish prayer its no wonder the Kotel kept pushing the thing back out at him. When I watched the video I could just hear the voice of G-d (or the New York Times editor): “NOW WRITE THAT AGAIN BUT PRAY FOR OTHERS!”

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  • Michael P.

    If someone doesn’t like Barack Obama, that is their right, but if they are going to criticize him, at least make a good arguement. Jewish liturgy does have a very strong collective side to it, but here are some selections from the siddur which the above quoted person might also think are selfish. The pagination is from Artscroll.

    1. יהי רצון מלפניך ה’ אלקי…שתצילני…
    “May it be Your will…that You rescue me…” (p. 20)
    2. Also see Psalm 130 (p. 82), “From the depths I called You, Adonoi, My Lord, hear my voice, may your hears be attentive to the sound of my pleas.”
    3. See the Ribbono shel Olam which is recited during the Torah service, רבונו של עולם מלא משאלות לבי…והפק רצוני..
    “…fulfill my requests…satisfy my desire” (p. 434)

    Also see Psalms 3:8, 4:2, 6:2, 6:9, 7:2, it goes on and on.

    Regarding the Obama note in the Kotel, there are denials all around, and no one from Maariv is willing to go on the record that they received it from any official source. See here and here.

  • ER

    Thank you Michael.

  • Brian of London

    Thank you for your comment. I’m not observant, I’m not deeply personally religious so I’m not even close to arguing the finer points that your raise.

    I’m speaking from the point of view of someone who has become increasingly interested in Jewish philosophy and particularly what was different about the message of the Jews from those around when it started and how that message continues to differ.

    I don’t doubt that “me” and “my” are mentioned copiously in the written prayers. I’m sure they are.

    I was trying to just point out that not even one thought directed beyond himself was odd. Very very odd. Even asking for World Peace (instead of giving him the strength to make World Peace) would have been better.

    As to whether it was a campaign stunt? Hey, if it looks like a duck…. Plenty of other famous people have put notes in the Wall, I don’t remember those turning up later.

    I’ll certainly concede on the fine detail, but I just don’t feel that modern Jewish philosophy is quite so me focused in its higher goals.

  • Michael P.

    I don’t think that you can extrapolate from someone’s personal prayer to any philosophical system. A personal prayer is just that. I don’t want to relate to the text of his prayer, b/c IMHO it is a violation of Jewish law. See here. One must also realize that Christian liturgy and theology is not the same as Jewish liturgy and theology. I personally think that Obama’s activism on behalf of others is proof enough that he is not selfish. As to why no one else’s note in the Kotel has made it to the papers, while the conspirational explanation also exists, there is always a first, and nobody might have had the hutzpah to do it before.

    Keep up the good blog.

  • Brian of London

    Ahhh OK. I guess I’m not spelling out what I think.

    It’s not a prayer. Its a carefully composed piece of campaign work, probably dreamed up by a committee.

    Frankly, it should have been signed:

    I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

    But yes, what one prays for is precisely indicative of one’s belief system. If this truly was an unguarded prayer, never meant for publication, we’d learn much more about him. I just don’t believe it is.

  • Shy Guy

    I believe this is all irrelevant and you good decent bloggers are making much ado about nothing.

    Back to work! :)

  • Martin

    There is plenty of evidence that Mr Obama is a liar and seeing how he dressed up the Kotel with his campaign posters there is little doubt in my mind that this was a political stunt and not a sincere prayer to Hashem! However I agree with Shy Guy that this is all irrelevant – we already knew that Mr Obama is a dishonest person!

  • TMA

    I thought the prayer — assuming it was at all a genuine expression of his and not just a campaign document (which is a big assumption, I realize! even if it wasn’t directly designed to be seen in a newspaper, surely they had to guard against the possibility that it MIGHT wind up in a newspaper)

    — [the prayer] wasn’t bad at all, coming from someone in the middle of a presidential campaign.

    And it isn’t so totally non-jewish, the “make me an instrument of your will” is very pirkei-avotish, no?

  • Michael P.

    It seems like there were a number of aspiring thieves that night. See here. Via Drudge.

  • Stan

    I think Marraiv was way out of bounds in publishing this prayer, and any one commenting on the content of a personal prayer left at the Kotel, only serves to cheapen the spiritual experience of the Kotel for the rest of humanity.


  • Joshua

    Oh geez, here we go again with the typewriting monkeys. If you’re referring to the Maariv article that accused Obama of leaking, guess what: they retracted it b/c it was based on faulty info.

    I guess you’re gonna have to change your podcast now or delete it, right? And in case you think I sound bitter, it’s because I am, because I’m sick and tired of people thinking the worst of Obama when they aren’t even using logic or facts to back their thoughts up.

  • Brian of London

    To Joshua,

    Shire Network News will continue to be a fairly racy, conservative and above all satirical show. We will do all within our (limited) power to ensure that Obama is not elected in November as those of us working on the show (including a woman who voted for Gore in 2000 gawd help us) are convinced that Obama would be a disaster for the US and the whole world.

    It’s not just that Obama is a slimy lying politician who beat all the other lizards to evolve as top lizard in the most swampy locale of US politics.

    It’s not just that he clearly said everything the hard left wanted to hear to beat Hillary (who I detest only slightly less) in the primary and is clearly now sprinting back to the centre.

    It’s not only the doubts over why he won’t prove where he’s born, answer questions about the vast number of overseas US donors who’ve given his campaign small amounts on multiple days. It’s not only his stand on live birth abortion (which was called infanticide in Ancient Rome).

    No, its actually because of the people he chooses as his advisors. They worry me more than anything. His money is from a weird messed up guy (Sorros) who seems to now control the Democratic party. He is surrounded by Jew hating anti-Israeli left overs from the Carter years.

    Oh and he trusts the UN. What more do you need to know? But you don’t want to know. I would suggest you stick to a fair and balanced source of news like Fox, because Shire Network News will be a little to partisan for you!


  • Joshua

    You didn’t answer my question. I said will you retract your BS when confronted by facts? Even typewriting monkeys can type up a Shakespearean masterpiece given enough time, but usually it’s just crap.

    BTW, I know what your answer is, because even when confronted with Obama’s birth certificate, you still want to believe in your deluded wet dream. And so what if Obama comes out to be bad? Is it better that Israel, for once in the past 15 years, actually grows some balls or continue to cower to supposed “friends” who will betray her for a mere gallon of petrol? Remember, McCain wants to send Baker to the Middle East, even as he recognizes how much we hate him.

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