A Batty Martyrdom


Introducing one of our lesser known weapons: Zionist Death Bats.TM

After a life full of honest incidents and after a lot of sacrifices, it was a dark night when  Bats come out.

On the 8th of July 2006, some information reported that occupation forces  raided khan younis , he took his  weapon and hurried to resist the usurpers despite of his recent injury. He proved his brave in the battle. However, the bats shot the innocent soul when a Zionist sniper shot him.

Update: This is not our only experimentation with the things horror movies are made of. Take our Bad Zionist Creatures of DeathTM, for instance.

It was midnight , darkness came with its terrified creatures. Of its terrified creatures are the betray of the Zionist soldiers. People return home to have rest but some bad creatures came to upset their comfort.

Rami was out of Sheja’a when the battle with the bad creatures began but in ten minutes he is in the first side to defend his place of birth.

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