Lauren Booth’s Adventures in Truth Avoidance

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Anti-Israel terror-enabler Lauren Booth has created and uploaded the following video to YouTube.

Notice her selective use of images, such as:

  • Graffiti on the security barrier “To exist is to resist” (0:20), even though palestinians regularly choose to “resist” in rather more lethal ways
  • A mural on the security barrier depicting Santa holding a child (0:45), even though Booth is clearly familiar with the other kinds of “artwork” prevalent in the palestinian-controlled territories.

  • Many pictures of regular palestinian people on the streets, yet not one like this:

pali terroristsOr this:

It’s also good to see Booth continuing to exploit her own children.

Meanwhile, judging by Booth’s YouTube channel profile, she has as much difficulty being truthful about other things.

booth youtube profile

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