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Today’s Israeli Present to the Worms

Fatah terrorist - AP

Today, the IDF shot and killed the 3 palestinian terrorists who murdered Israeli father-of-seven Meir Hai on Thursday. And guess what? They included one who had recently been released from an Israeli prison and one who agreed to lay down ...

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The Day In Israel: Friday Dec 25th, 2009

Meir Hai

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel and the US Consulate are embroiled in a dispute. Which tends to happen when you try to run over a Defense Ministry security guard with your diplomatic car. A dispute is rumbling between Israel ...

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Merry Christmas

Wishing all of my Christian readers a.. Merry Christmas! Thank you for your support, both for this blog and, more importantly, Israel and the Jewish people.

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The Day In Israel: Thursday Dec 24th, 2009

Abu Abaida - Reuters

Syrian Dorktator Bashar al-Assad said that peace talks with Israel have been stalled because Israel was not interested in achieving peace. “We discussed today the ways to bring the peace process out of the deadlock that it has reached … ...

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The Day In Israel: Wednesday Dec 23rd, 2009

pryor lookalike - AP

Israel yesterday reportedly gave a German mediator a list of 100-130 (125?) palestinian terrorists convicted of direct responsibility for the deaths of Israelis to be expelled to the Gaza Strip or abroad and barred from returning to the West Bank. ...

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The Day In Israel: Tuesday Dec 22nd, 2009

Palestinians with lost legs - Reuters

After marathon talks last night, Gilad Shalit’s fate seems no clearer, with the Prime Minister’s Offices stating that the negotiation “have instructed the negotiation team regarding the continuation of the effort for returning Gilad Shalit home safe and sound.” In ...

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The Day In Israel: Monday Dec 21st, 2009


After convening three times yesterday, the seven-member inner cabinet is set to meet today to discuss a proposed terrorist exchange for Gilad Shalit with Hamas. While it has been called “a make-or-break situation,” state officials have estimated that the deal ...

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Photo of the Day

beckham kippa2

More photos here. The Jewish Chronicle reports: David Beckham has paid his respects to his Jewish grandfather Joseph West, at the funeral held in Golders Green cemetery. Wearing a blue kippah and his grandfather’s blue Tottenham Hotspur tie, Mr Beckham ...

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The Day In Israel: Sunday Dec 20th, 2009

Assad and Hariri - Reuters

Ha’aretz reports: The series of attacks on Israeli targets in Turkey planned by Hezbollah, as reported in the Turkish media, which was foiled by Turkish security forces two months ago, is likely to have caused the tension between Israel and ...

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Weapon of Dress Destruction

Anti-Israel loonblogger Richard Silverstein organized “a series of media and public events on the Iranian nuclear crisis,” which was designed to “explore ways of resolving the Iranian nuclear crisis through negotiation, rather than force.” Amongst the ideas expressed at this ...

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