The Best Little Field Hospital in Haiti

There are times that even CNN can’t spin the situation to make Israel look bad.

(Hat tip: Shy Guy)

And don’t forget to be following all the other IDF activities in Haiti here.

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  • juvanya

    haha owned

  • Mike 71

    How many Gazans are doing something like this in Haiti? This raises the question of who values human life more and who is willing to go the extra 5,000 miles, or so, to do that!

  • t34zakat

    Oh, don't be so hard on the Gazans
    So far the noticeable absentee is Saudi Arabia (but then their rate of childhood stunting is higher than Gaza's)

    What I would like to see is is more coordination between the Jordanians, Israel and preferably the PA as well. There's no reason why their rescue teams shouldn't prepare for a major eathquake together.
    Btw, the ZAKA volunteers mentioned Egyptians, Jordanians and Qataris.

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