Separated at Birth: Swedish Meatball Edition

Mayor of Malmo and all-round Swedish meathead Ilmar Reepalu, and Swedish meatball lover the Swedish Chef.

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  • Shy Guy

    [youtube mbs64GvGgPU youtube]

    • Michael Zvi Krumbein

      I wonder if you could show this on a childen's show in the U.S. today. (Or was the show done in the U.K.?)

  • Kae Gregory

    The prediction is that by 2025, Sweden will be majority Muslim. I wonder if it ever bothers him to know for the couple of generations historic Swedes have left before they totally disappear, that his descendents will be questioning how their parents, the people of Ilmar Reepalu's generation, could have been so stupid to have lost an entire country. Hold on a second while I pity them.
    There. Done!

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