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Mel Gibson: Still a Jerk

mel Gibson gun1

While promoting his new movie Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson said people should just let his drunken, anti-Semitic rant of  2006 go. “It’s said that I went into a rant, but I think it went on for about five words,” ...

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One Night in Paris


French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner talks to Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere at a dinner at the foreign ministry in Paris.. Kouchner: “Who the hell invited Lily Tomlin?”

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Return of the Evil Zionists

body snatchers

Israel is to send a police delegation to Haiti in the next two weeks to take part in an international policing effort with the immediate aim of “supporting the community and maintaining public order”, and the long term goal of ...

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Spicoli in Haiti

Sean Penn Haiti - AP

Sean “Spicoli” Penn meets a Haitian earthquake survivor as IDF Medical Corps look on. “I wish I could have come sooner, but it’s the darnedest thing. I ran into boat troubles again. Speaking of which, do you have a cup?”

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Simple Answers to Basic Questions

A couple of days ago, Osama bin Laden or someone purporting to be him (depending on whether you subscribe to the “He’s alive” or “He’s dead, Jim” school of thought) released an audio message endorsing the failed attempt to blow ...

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A Nation of Caregivers

With the IDF winding up its humanitarian efforts in Haiti, former CNN correspondent Frida Ghitis has written this must-read piece. For once, the main topic of discussion in Israel has no connection to war, politics or even the Middle East. ...

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Too Much to Bear

While I waded in the filth that is Richard Silverstein’s blog, I noticed a post of his on an article about Israel’s rebuttal to the Goldstone Report ( In particular, this reaction: On a final note, I was also astonished ...

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Gazans to Haitians: We Are Also Suffering

haiti gaza

According to the Hamas website, Gazans have joined efforts to provide assistance to the devastated country of Haiti. Well, kind of. They’re donating “symbolic amounts of food and some cash donations,” but very real amounts of anti-Israel propaganda. “We have ...

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