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Return of the Evil Zionists

Israel is to send a police delegation to Haiti in the next two weeks to take part in an international policing effort with the...

Headline of the Day

comes to us courtesy of Ynet: Which begs the question: what was he doing there?

Separated at Birth

Some child from an advertisement on the new and improved Jerusalem Post site, and a troll.

Spicoli in Haiti

Sean "Spicoli" Penn meets a Haitian earthquake survivor as IDF Medical Corps look on. "I wish I could have come sooner, but it's the darnedest...

Simple Answers to Basic Questions

A couple of days ago, Osama bin Laden or someone purporting to be him (depending on whether you subscribe to the "He's alive" or...

A Nation of Caregivers

With the IDF winding up its humanitarian efforts in Haiti, former CNN correspondent Frida Ghitis has written this must-read piece. For once, the main topic...

Too Much to Bear

While I waded in the filth that is Richard Silverstein's blog, I noticed a post of his on an article about Israel's rebuttal to...

Gazans to Haitians: We Are Also Suffering

According to the Hamas website, Gazans have joined efforts to provide assistance to the devastated country of Haiti. Well, kind of. They're donating "symbolic amounts of...

Starvation in Gaza Taking Its Toll

Here is a disturbing report on how the starvation in Gaza is taking its toll on palestinians. Warning: Graphic images of emaciated people. http://video-svc.globalpost.com/plugins/player.swf?v=32410ccce52b6&p=production_med Although the reporter...

Wacky Hamas Terrorist Profile of the Day

Taken from the real martyr bios from the always entertaining Hamas website. For previous profiles, see here. The Breastfed Funny Guy Osama Mattar Sense of humor and high...

Israeli Television Commercial of the Day

This one's for Israeli satellite television provider YES (via Twitter). http://www.youtube.com/v/GQWypPm6XNI&hl=en_US&fs=1& Judging by how Michelle looks while laying in bed, I'd assume Scott Baio did not...

A Perm For The Worse

Old and busted: Play that funky music, white boy New hotness: Ban that funky hairstyle, fatwa An Islamic body which has issued fatwas on inappropriate behaviour...

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