Hamas continues to impinge on the rights of palestinians in Gaza, with men now being banned from working in women’s beauty parlours.

“The Palestinian authorities (in Gaza) have decided to ban men from working in women’s beauty parlours following instructions from Interior Minister Fathi Hammad,” said a statement on the website of the Hamas-run police force in Gaza.

“Anyone who breaches this decision will be arrested and tried.”

The majority of Gaza residents are conservative Muslims, but Hamas is under growing pressure from radical groups to prove its fundamentalist credentials by imposing harsher edicts.

Women are forbidden from showing their hair in public to men who are not in their family.

Over the last three years, several beauty parlours and hair salons in the Gaza Strip have been the target of explosions and other attacks, which Hamas have blamed on radical Islamist groups who share the ideology of al Qaeda.

Such groups seek to defy Hamas rule in Gaza and criticise its leaders for not implementing strict Islamic law.

The good news, though, is men are apparently still allowed to frequent women’s beauty parlours.

Meanwhile, the following pro-Gazan “human rights” organizations have released the following statements regarding this blatant infringement of palestinian human rights:

Free Gaza: Wot, me worry?

International Solidarity Movement: zzzzzzzzzzz

CodePink: Bah, humbug

I could go on to describe the responses of each and every so-called palestinian human rights organization, but you get my drift.

Which just goes to prove that these groups are more about destroying Israel than protecting palestinian human rights.

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