The Zionist War Against The Animal Kingdom

An intrepid palestinian blogger has outed our Zionist Animal Incarceration Program, otherwise known as Zionist AIP.

Arrest animalDonkey, Horse and Cat in Israeli Jail

Stories and aberrant practices like these do not happen anywhere in the world but only in Israel, where the mentally ill zionists reign supreme. This latest story is not the imagination of the writer, or told by an ordinary person or by somebody accused of lying or slander, but it was seen and confirmed by fifteen peace activists and religious Christians, among them 10 men, 5 women, three Israelis, a French woman and another British one. The person who related this story is Abbas Zaki, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah, who is over sixty years old.

The date of the crime was on the return to the Christian celebrations of Palm on Sunday on last March 28, 2010. The story is about the arrest of a donkey and a horse by the Israeli soldiers in occupied Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. The donkey and the horse are symbols of a Christian religious story, which is why they were arrested.


Five days later Zaki and his friends were released from the Israeli Jail, they were found not guilty by the Israeli military judge in the Ofer prison. But the Donkey and the horse still remain detained. Nobody knows if donkey and the horse will be sentenced by the military judge, or if the military will bring them to the court before the judge to hear their trial.

You’d think the sons of apes and pigs would be a bit more sensitive against animals, wouldn’t you?

I’m not sure how the blogger in question found out about our animal incarceration program, but if she had done her homework, she’d know goats are next in line.

For inappropriate behavior.

A Cat was Sentenced to Life in Prison at the Negev Jail

Arresting the donkey of Jesus and horse and detaining them in Israeli jails is not the first crime of this kind. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Detainees of the Palestinian Authority, a cat was sentenced to life in prison at the Negev Jail. The story was exposed and published in Palestinian newspapers and Al-Jazeera on last November 19 2009. The M.D. stated that the Israeli violations against the prisoners have extended to include pet cats which live in the Negev prison.

The jails administration confirmed that Negev prison has detained a cat in a cell as punishment for assisting Palestinian prisoners who are serving high sentences in the same jail. The Negev jail administration found the cat guilty of carrying things between prisoners from one cell to another. The cat was apparently a stray cat which walked in, and the prisoners trained her to carry objects and notices between cells. The cat was sentenced by the Israelis to life at the Negev jail together with the Palestinian prisoners who trained her.

I remember once being in company of the AFP correspondent in Hebron while he filmed as the IDF stopped somebody and asked for them to produce an ID for his donkey. I wonder how and why anybody takes the Israelis seriously at all. Year after year, their collective mental condition visibly deteriorates, as the last arrests of a donkey and a horse and the life sentence of a cat demonstrate.

Sounds to me like someone’s mental condition has visibly deteriorated.

One of her commenters writes:

“You couldn’t make this stuff up.”

Actually, you can, and she did.

I suggest if she is truly concerned about the welfare of animals, she should cover the palestinian use of donkey bombs, booby-trapped zoos, and the torture of cats and lions at the hands of Hamas children show characters.

Just for starters (hat tip: Sassy Wire via LGF)

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  • Jim from Iowa

    I can see a remake of "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" The new title: "They Shoot Adorable Furry Little Kittens, Don't They?" Once you get the subscribers of "Cat Fanciers" against you, then you've got real trouble.

    • nrs

      Wished you lived in Los Angeles. You are too funny!!

  • juvanya

    The problem is now this will be another argument used by the Arab terrorists. Theyve just created a new fact.

  • Kawther Salam

    The Murder of Donkeys and Detained Goats by Israel
    See more photos of a murdered donkeys and sheep and detained goats. Dont believe me, just look at the picture of a sheep in an israeli police car.

    The facts were created by murderous jews of the zionist occupation, who are the only terrorists in Palestine and elsewhere. See the link below

    • Michael Zvi Krumbein

      So it's murder to kill a sheep? But not, saw, a baby in a playground?

      Hitler would be proud of you!

    • perat

      Your picture of a sheep in a police car and calling this "detaining" a sheep is comical because you so obviously believe it to be true. The very fact that you make such a ridiculous claim basically makes the reader question your own mental stability. Seeing as you claim to be a "journalist" you make all of us question whether any of your other reports are merely your opinion or are truly fact.

      You claim that a total of 18 people attest to your story, yet you never name them as a source and the only person you quote is a man associated with fatah which is a recognized terrorist association. And you have no one else quoted to corroboarate your story. If you were a true journalist, you would have researched this story a little more and found more people to quote including someone who works in this supposed "jail".

  • Michael Zvi Krumbein

    Re, the picture: You found Great site! (Or was it from somewhere else?)

  • jpl

    The Kawther link is instructive. According to it, she moved to Austria, where she now posts in English and German. She's in the right place. Germany, most of which learned something from WWII, might not tolerate such stupid, vapid and vicious rantings.

  • adah@israel

    lol, it could be funny, but living inside israel i have never heard about such incendent that i am sure would be pretty popular.

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