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A few days ago, Ha’aretz reported that the Shin Bet had been conducting surveillance of terror enabler Bridget/Bridgette Chappell, whom I have blogged about before.

You’d think she would would be happy that her case was once again being covered by Israel’s premier left-wing newspaper.

Think again.

On her Facebook group, Chappell reveals once again the depth of her hatred of Israel.

[click to enlarge]

bridget chappell

That’s correct. Chappell refers to the very left-wing Ha’aretz as one of the “increasing number of appendages of the zionist machine”!

Notice also how she is bent on criticizing the report, including its spelling of her name. Assuming that is her name.

And I’d be remiss to not point out this statement regarding coverage of her antics in the Israeli newspapers:

i wonder who’s at the head of it all? i wonder why he can’t get a girlfriend instead?

I think she’s being modest. What man wouldn’t be attracted to this?

Bridget Chappell


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  • @isfullofcrap

    I guess teargas is about as effective as beergoggles?

  • Chris

    I always enjoy seeing your blog when it pops into my RSS feed. However, I think your decision to include the photo of Bridgette was a bit irresponsible. I almost my lunch.

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  • J.

    Fridgit, I just love your little kicker:

    i wonder who’s at the head of it all? i wonder why he can’t get a girlfriend instead?

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    Why assume it is a "he"? Somewhat sexist, don't you think?
    In case you were uncertain it should be a capital I, dearie. Please try and use accurate grammar and spelling in your blogs.

    • juvanya

      Grammar is a lie. There is absolutely no reason why I should be capitalized or not.

  • Norma Bjorklund

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