The Righteous, Indigenous Gentile

Israel has honored William Cooper, the indigenous Australian who stood up to the Nazis (hat tip: Ian).

What a mensch.

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[...] posthumously by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and Museum in Jerusalem (I posted ...

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  • Shy Guy

    May his neshamah have an aliyah from this recognition of his meritorious acts.

    May his descendants follow in his path.

  • Daphne Anson

    Well-deserved, but while not wishing to take anything away from William Cooper, I wish Critchley Parker, who lost his life in Tassie while endeavouring to find and found a safe haven for Jews persecuted by the Nazis, was similarly honoured. It's a very touching story – that of Mr Cooper – but I can't help thinking that if Parker hadn't been your average Aussie Anglo he'd be getting recognition too.

    • Erika

      Thanks to you, now he is getting recognition! Well done. :-)

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