Caption This

This Reuters photo of Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell is crying for a caption.

George Mitchell

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  • jpl

    Help us out: what is the product he has in his hand?

    • israellycool

      If you clicked on the link to the photo, you would see it is a yoghurt product

      • jpl

        Thanks. Now that I did, I see he was at a dairy farm in the West Bank. Boy, that apartheid is tough!

  • Ian

    If it’s Yogurt then he must have finally found some unique Palestinian culture.

  • Yishai

    "Ahh, a taste of the Palestinian people's suffering – no low-fat yogurt!"

  • Jim from Iowa

    Looks like the world's smallest vuvuzela.

  • Bubbe

    Ahhh, a swig of this intoxicating elixir and I will become Super Neo-Palestinian, impervious to evil Zionist shark bites.

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