Zionists Not Welcome

Yet more reprehensible scenes from a US University.

And once again, the culprits are the anti-Israel crowd.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Rutgers University campus police tonight barred some 400 Jewish students and their supporters, including some Holocaust survivors, from attending what was billed as an anti-Zionist gathering at the state school tonight.

The student-sponsored event was announced with an open invitation campus-wide, and Rutgers policy is for all student activities to be open to the public.

However, when the sponsoring organizations of “Never Again for Anyone” saw they were outnumbered by Jewish students and their supporters by about 4-to-1, they asked campus policy to bar students wearing kippas – and eventually limited attendance to known supporters of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Americans for Muslims in Palestine and the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

Pleas to university officials from the Jewish students and their supporters for access to the event went unheeded.

“They started charging money as soon as they saw Zionists outside,” said Rabbi Akiva Weiss.

Rutgers campus police said they could not provide a statement as to why the public event would turn away 400 members of the public. One officer said they were called in late and weren’t really sure what was going on.

When the Jewish students, led by Aaron Marcus, were denied entry, they gathered in the lobby and sang religious songs in Hebrew.

“We wanted to protest this event because as the children and grandchildren of victims of the Holocaust we believed it to be absolutely absurd to compare Israeli act of self defense to the viscous, systematic murder of millions of Jews, Catholics, Gays, Gypsies, Russians and others,” Marcus said.

Members of the New Jersey branch of Young Americans for Freedom were in attendance to protest the discrimination against Jewish students.

The program at Rutgers is part of a national tour purporting to promote peace and justice for Israel and surrounding lands.

Which begs the questions: What are these people scared of? Do they realize their arguments do not hold water (“From the River to the Sea,” notwithstanding)? Or are they just preparing for a world without freedom of speech and exchange of ideas? (which is precisely what they will get if they work towards the destruction of Israel and for the interests of Islamic fundamentalism).

Update: Jonathan Hoffman informs us that the bulldog woman speaking at the start of this video is Sara Kershnar, the Jewish “founder” of International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN).

Update: More videos than you can poke a stick at.

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  • MoS

    Good for the folks who went to protest. This is what needs to be done. Polite and non-violent but IN THEIR FACES. Rutgers should be sued for the illegal charging of money and changing the terms of admittance, if legal minds decide it's a viable case and Kol Hakavod to Aaron Marcus and the rest of the 400 who bravely went.

    We ALL need to start showing up to protest every similar event anywhere. For too long, only their side has had free reign to spew the lies.

    • juvanya

      I wouldve gone had I been there. bleh..
      The best part is I look Turkish. :)

      • Jannah

        Hahaha I could pass for being Turkish or something possibly too. We should go and troll those thugs.

  • juvanya

    Unfortunately, I was not there (and the trip I took was grossly unproductive), but it sounds like there was a hell of a party. :( sigh…

  • juvanya

    Cant wait for Apartheid Week… Now I know its coming.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Should a university knowingly promote a confrontation between opposing sides on a volatile issue like the Israel-Palestinian Conflict? Rutgers University has the responsiblity to support a free exchange of ideas without violence. What's wrong with having a pro-Israel panel discussion on a different night? Who wants to attend a shouting match where you learn nothing from either side?

    • nanaloshen

      The point is Jews with kippas were specifically denied entrance. That's the issue. Forget different nights for different ideas. It's a legal issue, and Rutger's needs to be dragged into court. They were wrong.

      • Jim from Iowa

        ok, I do see your point, especially excluding someone for wearing a kippah. I am advocating for responsible free speech on American campuses. I can't tell you how many videos I've seen where members of some Muslim student organization disrupts a pro-Israeli speaker. I am against this kind of event. It ruins it for anyone trying to hear any point of view on the subject. Universities should be allowed to apply reasonable restrictions on who can attend events on their campuses.

        • charlie

          … and obviously the "restrictions" that were applied were NOT reasonable… but "racist"… based on who was an identifiable Jew…
          And yes, Jim, Muslim student and other "anti-Zionist" organizations do have a reputation for disrupting pro-Israeli speakers… sometimes preventing them from speaking altogether… Seldom, if ever, do Israel's supporters resort to such confrontational, bullying tactics… We don't need too… our arguments based on facts make too much sense… which is why they don't want us to be heard… They advertised they had an open "mic"… chances are had they not discriminated & allowed Jews/Israel's supporters to come in, they likely would have been respectful… Can you imagine denying entry to Holocaust elders… and their children and grandchildren??!! This is NOT okay.

          • Jim from Iowa

            You win. I recant my argument for restrictions on campus events. I just got my back up when friends criticize America for the way in which our universities provide a forum for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I think standards are applied to us that don't exist in their own countries. In general Americans should be commended for the way we promote freedom of speech in this country and around the world. It seems we are too often unfairly criticized.

  • walt kovacs

    what i dont get is how the campus police got involved

    if the event was paid for with student activity monies and publicized as open to the public, with only a request for donations…how was anyone barred

    the group should be sanctioned by the university

    rutgers is a public university, which means jersey tax payers help to fund it…no one can legally be barred from a campus event

    • juvanya

      You must be new to this conflict. It is filled with double standards and hypocrisy.

  • http://www.memolos.com Heimo

    "Sara Kershnar, the Jewish “founder” of International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network" – hm – even Christian Martin Luther King had clearer sight, when he wrote in a letter to a friend: "You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely 'anti-Zionist.' And I say, let the truth ring forth from the high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of God's green earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews – this is God's own truth"

  • jpl

    The JTA report, citing to the Rutgers student newspaper, includes the following as to the supporters of this event:
    "The student-sponsored event was organized by three national organizations: the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Americans for Muslims in Palestine and the Middle East Children's Alliance, according to the report. It was endorsed by BAKA: Students United For Middle Eastern Justice, as well as humanitarian, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, Greek life and anti-racist student organizations at the university, according to the Rutgers student newspaper, The Daily Targum."

    Once again, LGBT groups are openly against the State of Israel, mindless to the fact that their fate in the Muslim/Arab countries would be grim, while in Israel they are free. Amazing.

    • Jim from Iowa

      In my experience, politically-active gay groups are completely silent when it comes to Israel. As you would expect they are focused on political issues central to the LGBT community such as gay marriage, repeal of don't ask, don't tell, nondiscrimination in the workplace, etc. I contribute to One Iowa and the Human Rights Campaign, and to my knowledge, they have never taken a political stand outside of their objectives of marriage equality and human rights for the LGBT community, respectively.

    • juvanya

      that gay group was supposed to be working with Hillel from what I thought. Perhaps not…

      • jpl

        In the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a group called something like Jewish Lesbians for Peace which is stricltly anti-"Zionist". Fortunately, this does not represent the activities of many or maybe most LGBT groups, but it is still staggering that anyone would identify as LGBT and be anti-Israel.

        • juvanya

          Its staggering that anyone would be anti Israel

  • juvanya
  • Dan

    Every time I hear about any gay rights group aligning themselves with "Palestinian"/Muslim groups which are avowedly "anti-Zionist"(which I think is the politically correct nom-de-geurre adopted plain vanilla anti-semites,white supremacists, neo-nazis and other such groups with the common interest of getting rid of the "jewish problem") I wonder whether Freud's now discredited ideas about autophobia should receive more attention in the this day and age.

    • Jim from Iowa

      I'd like to get you on a couch and see what's ticking.

  • Marcharlan

    PART I of II
    Having been present motzei shabbat at Rutgers let me clarify some aspects:

    It appears that the University rented space to the orgainzers and therefore the free access rules that would apply to a student event dont apply here. And investigation is underway to cofirm or refute this posture. Rest assured, if it can be established that his was student event and that Jewish students were barred entry, there are multiple multiple bias complaints ready to filed.

    The campus police did their job – they maintained order. The crowd was on balance well behaved. There were some raised voices but nothing beyond that. It appears more significant as the mass of people getting agitated were thouse who queued up to enter only to be told they couldnt. (Part of what you are seeing is the pushy agressiveness that New Yorkers are legendary for. This may have been in NJ, but the roots go thorugh Brooklyn for many!)

  • marcharlan


    I would also comment, that while Rutgers has long had a reputation for being resident to a very hostile left wing crowd as is the case at many large state universities, overall the university is very supportive of the Jewish/Zionist community. That is to say, dont assume because the event was at Rutgers that the university was lending support to the radical element behind it.

    The real problem is that the organizers were openly discriminating against those with overt symbols of judaism. As you see, many of those present were the kippa seruga crowd with stong Conservative and cheloni Jewish support and some from Chabad. Rest assured the organizers will be taken to task.

  • akabooson

    My daughter goes to rutgers i called her this morning and told her to pack here bags she will start at Providence College next year,scumbag school……

    • juvanya

      What year is she?

  • juvanya
  • Fatima


    Not all queer groups are anti-Israel

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